What actually is the fear of the Unknown?..Well I think its the fear of the voice that comes from within, the fear of being warned before you commit or do things you are not supposed to.” A voice of the subconcious.. “

May be this is only the reason we all are afraid of being alone. Every second youngster is rushing into soul-less demeaning relationships rather hook-ups. We are ready to degrade ourself but not to sit and listen to all that is echoing inside us. The fear is so deep that we dont even know we confuse the term aloneness with lonliness. ” Aloneness is perfect health, Lonliness is certainly sick.” Being too much into gadgets n show-bizz has made us forget what does it is to Enjoy our very own company. Leading us to become weak, dependent and coward.

Once lets just stop whatever we are doing and listen to this unknown yet our very own Inner Voice. To just spend some time with your own self! To atleast know ur complete self, to realize what kind of company do you actually need and to just never loose yourself in the crowd of people!

Isheen kaur

high on ambition, hardwork and sprituality!

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