The Magic of Arts

Imagine the world with just surgical precisions and technical intellects, with numbers scattered over this planet and callipers and stethoscopes around everyone’s neck. Fancy a world like that where heart had no significance and just functioning of brain was given prime importance to? Earth and life would have been so much more mechanical leaving no leeway for theoretical representations, aesthetic paintings, serene poetry, melodious music and more. Arts may have less monetary returns but what matters most is the artist is on his own still leading his life just like any other being in this world.

Elders, especially in the Indian society where middle class sector dominates the standard of living, do not support the individuals’ interests whole heartedly leaving the aspirants in shatters. Bachelors in Arts has a vast scope in the streams of Journalism and Communication where the course offers an extensive study of different channels of media namely, Print, Broadcast, Radio/Television and Film Studies. There are also specialisations in the field of Public Relations, Advertising and more. There is also a huge scope for writers where they either make a name for themselves as freelancers or get into the corporate world as Technical Writers. If one lacks writing skills, he can take up something to do with design, painting or photography or even sound for that matter and make a name in the advertising industry. With the inception of digital media, arts has shot up a whole new level and media is set to become one of the significant organs of national economy. With companies on the look-out for corporate communication specialists media has shot up in terms of the impact. Many tech-savvy individuals do not indulge in verbal or non-verbal communication consequently allowing a gateway for lack of coordination. The top level management spends 95% of their time communicating with one another which goes to show how important a media person is in assisting them with tools of communication. Looking at it from another angle films also play an important role in shaping up one’s perspectives and movie makers earn big bucks in the span of days unlike their counterparts.

 Art has long been a celestial gift crafted by man. Had there been no art, there would not have been the great musicians in Pink Floyd, Eminem, Lamb of God, Soul Asylum and many others, the inordinate painters in M.F. Hussain, Edgar Degas, Salvador Dali and others, the serene poets in William Shakespeare, Rabindranath Tagore, Amit Chaudhuri and others, and many such artists who have walked their own mile only to make a name for themselves in the works they knew they could do their best. It is very important for an individual to find interest in the field that he would be working in later on in his career.

Allow the brushes to float in the waters of joys, allow the pen to slide on the paper with serenity, allow the words to flow in the minds of the rest leaving them with perceptions for art was created to stay, not innovated to fly away.

Amith M D

I blog, rap, listen, cycle, play and write. I am flexible enough to adapt to different styles of writing formats. I am a writer for a reason, to inspire my readers. I like to keep my works as original as possible using my creative abilities.

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