Walking through your dreams….

“You worked so hard, and now you want to give up your dream?”

“No, I gave up your dream. I am pursuing my own dream.”

A dialogue went on between a mother and a daughter that I over heard on the television. A typical family situation where some don’t realise, that what every parent wants for their child is to follow a plan that they secretly indulge at the back of their mind.

Some blatantly want you to follow the destiny they have already chosen for you. Like a bird, right after you are born, you will eventually be forced to fly.

Do you have a dream? Do you ever wanted to be someone or be your own self and unique? Was it even your own dream? Or has it been planted in your head by your parents since the day you were born.

“Engineer? Lawyer? Doctor? “

“Music Director.”


Most of you would have known the infamous phrase. So there it is, if parents could not make the dream for you, they choose it for you in some other way.My family doctor would be the best example. Born Indian, and like most Indian parentage, he wanted his child to be a doctor, or a lawyer. Dr.”Daddy’s Son” had no interest of being a doctor at all. But sadly he had to go through it. Now he has a family of his own, and he still looks very much not happy with what he is doing.

In other words, he was definitely not chasing his own dream.

Now, reading the previous line, an eminent personality would have popped up in your mind. Sachin Tendulkar. He always believed in “chasing his own dream”. So he did.

Nevertheless, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam also inspires the younger generations to dream. Well, dream for development and prosperity and not the usual fantacies.


It is not the best idea to let your dreams down, only because you have to get your parents’ dreams high. Chase your dreams and hoist your flag in that stream and things will certainly and ultimately get on track.

OK. Most of you would have heard the same thing from a lot of people who ‘really’ care for your benefit. What is the next juncture? Let your passion be writing, dancing or even painting. Just go for it, if you know that it is your forte.

After clear determination of what your ambition is, it is high time to probe about the next phase – how to execute the plan. Mere hard work and dedication would do it all. And that you all would have heard about the S.M.A.R.T acronym for quick access and execution.

Fix a target and work only to achieve it. Remember, your target is at the bull’s eye. The more accurate you aim, the more possibility to hit the target. Never get distracted from the goal nor get tempted to pursue any other. That one thing is your goal, your passion.

To get a better control over what you do and how not to waste time, write your short/long- term goals in a sheet of paper and stick it at the most prominent place where you get to see it at least once a day.

One of the most important rules – Never try and search for short cuts. They will do no good to you. You can still search for catalysts in your life, parents and friends mostly, who can be a driving force, pushing you towards your dream.

Convincing your parents is not going to be a great deal. After all, they are your parents and they crave for your happiness and satisfaction. They sure will understand what is best, and what not. And that is why they are parents. But one critical issue here is, you being completely aware of your ambition’s reliability. It should not prove baneful, later.

Majorly, do not lose hope in the middle, nor be scared by the failures you face. They are the stepping stones for success, a well known mantra. This is crucial because your hopelessness takes a great toll on your success and tries to pull you down with every instant passing by. Try facing failures with a “Loser, I’m not fretting” attitude. I bet they are going to take a sprint away from you.

Believe that all is for the good. After all, it is your own life, your own choice, your own destiny. Would you yourself make a blunder? Live with utmost confident, the days of sun shine are not far away.

If all these essential criteria seem fine, then go ahead. Strive hard. Snatch it. Fly up. Win the world. Because, you know what to do!

Poornima Balasubramanian

I am a happy go person. Basically, love making friends. I spend my leisure by writing, reading, watching movies or sketching abstracts. I am a civil services apirant too!

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