The Rap God

What if all the odds were against you? Would you back out or head straight irrespective of the criticism. Probably that is how legends are formed, and that is probably how Eminem emerged. With millions and millions of copies sold across the world this American rapper, actor, artist, songwriter and record producer. He is ranked as one of the greatest artists of all time. Right from the first album of The Marshall Mathers LP in May 2000 to The Marshall Mathers LP2 not a bit has changed with Eminem. The high quality lyricism, power-packed punch-lines and racy word flow has made him the rap God. He is considered as one of the best rappers the world has or will see in many years to come.

Marshall began rapping at the early age of 4 and started pursuing career seriously at the age of 14. That was the time when he began performing rap in the basement of his high school friend’s home. At 17, he eventually made a name for himself, Eminem, which was taken from his initials M (arshall) M (athers). Hip-Hop community, used to black rapper, refused the white individuals. He wasn’t immediately accepted by public, but as time went by he proved himself as a qualified rapper. Getting some offers to join several other rappers to start a group, Em joined the New Jacks and then moved to Soul Intent and produced his first recorded single with them in 1995. It was a rapper named Proof who then asked Eminem to start a new group because he enjoyed working with him. With their 4 other friends, Proof and Eminem were both in one group named D12, each of whom ended up focusing more on their solo careers rather than their collaboration, leading to a career break.


In 1997, Kimberly Ann Scott left him and forbade him to see their child. The frustration sent Eminem to a frequent rate of drug abuse and alcohol that surely affected his composition. Once committing suicide, he finally realized the best and only way to escape from his unhappy life was his musical ambition. Such depression led him to release the brutal “The Real Slim Shady”, which he actually filled with some of the composition he had written long time before. Due to his distinctly-exaggerated, nasal-voiced rapping style and his skin colour, many people named him music’s next “great white hope.”

He finally signed a contract with Inters cope and was taken under Dr. Dre’s wing, allowing him to record a full-length CD. Both then started to record “My Name Is” before Dre finally agreed to produce Em’s first album.

Eminem kept working at his albums with vigour and no rapper in the world could even think of running parallel with him. By the early 2000’s he was at a different level than the other rappers. When a survey was conducted in India about his fans, they literally struggled to answer when a question was thrown at her. With his personal life he has experienced agony to the fullest.

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