The Termination of Sadness

Leaving everything behind, and going away

Is my final decision

And I have reached this conclusion

With a lot of thought and precision


Now that nothing would be with you

This is the termination of ignominy and sadness

And it will put an end

To this unbearable pain and intolerable madness


Love turned out to be false

Betrayal remains the only truth, love has failed

I’ve cried my eyes out in sheer sorrow

I’ve tried hard to start afresh, but all my hopes have been nailed


In every relationship prevalent in this world

Betrayal has always been happening

The sun’s rays had turned cold

And the blue sky had started blackening


The teardrop of loneliness is disappearing here

And the sky has turned bright, warm and clear

Loneliness is the only thing I had feared

But now, right out of the troubled waters

Ships are being steered

Without you, I shall live on

Then why there remain sadness and grief

Without you, I shall endure

The moments so painful, but brief


The weather is new, so is the season

Earlier I had loved you without any reason

The void you’ve created shall be filled

And all my wishes, lurking out there on the window

Shall be granted and will be fulfilled


I am not at all angry with you

For the pains you gave and for the decisions you made

You have chosen the path

Which was meant for you to take


I consider as if you have done a favour to me

That you’ve left me lonely, without help

Because the moment I lost your love

I realized that I’ve discovered by true self


No one in the world has ever been able to earn

True companionship for a lifetime

The one who is allowed to enter into the heart

Is the one who leaves it to burn


But, without you, I shall live on

Then why is my heart sinking into darkness, far and deep

Without you, I shall endure

The melancholic moments that made me weep…..