Between the mind and the heart….

Often, many of us are succumbed to situations were a continuous feud between the mind and the heart happens and forces us into a turbulence of thoughts and distress. Few of us always stick to what the mind commands and few duly go by the heart’s. The final decision might end up well or even in a horrid way. Instead, it is always better to listen to both and crucially analyse and take the best outcome.

Together they stay, but apart,

The anomaly between mind and heart;

Rises one inexplicable conflict,

Endlessly claiming each other, a convict.


‘Listen to the mind’, the prophets say,

‘Avoiding the agony’s bay;

The Heart being boundless and dense,

Would drive the mind out of sense!’


Albeit, the mind grants wise notions ,

Withal, being demoted by emotions;

The heart fathoms the plethora of ruckus,

Purging the turbidity with its “hocus pocus” !


Proving their interspersed existence,

Living by each other’s assistance;

Together, whence taken the wiser arbitrament,

Avoiding the sombre predicament.

Poornima Balasubramanian

I am a happy go person. Basically, love making friends. I spend my leisure by writing, reading, watching movies or sketching abstracts. I am a civil services apirant too!

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