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Music, as I perceive, is a way of connection. It, predominantly, puts emotions into words, into lyrics and rhythms. You wouldn’t feel love, as strong, from a verse, as from a song, you especially connect your story to. And then, more often than not, music has a tattoo on the best of our hearts.

You remember the first song you danced with you date at, the last farewell adieu song, the song that played in the background during your first kiss, oh, well, we have loads of those moments, don’t we? And the moment that song unexpectedly plays over the radio, we find ourselves sweeping to the past, reliving the memories and fantasizing their rerun.

Here, are a few songs, which I connect to the most, 12 to be exact, a half division of Hindi and English, in no particular order. The beauty of the list is, everyone has their own choices, and it doesn’t take a lot, to make someone’s playlist yours. A Bluetooth maybe or sometimes a tad expensive 3G connection. And, how could you be sure, you wouldn’t love it. If I were to guess, love for music binds even the most distant hearts.

1. Shape of my heart

Yeah, I know, a complete boy band. But that isn’t what I like this song for. The lyrics, especially the lines “Kept you in the dark, now let me show you, the shape of my heart”, captures the beauty of hidden, sarcastic, mean people.

2. Vanilla Twilight

The soulful music and the pretty lyrics is what make it worth listening to. Cliché, cheesy, it ticks it all, but in a non-frustrating way, I guess.

3. In the End

Yes, the song that connects to my life the most. About how, sometimes even best of the efforts aren’t enough. And when you listen to the part, “I tried so hard, I got so far, But in the end, It doesn’t even matter” you would distinctly have a flashback of the time you had gone to the depths, but you lost it in the end, a job interview maybe, a love, a college or a passion.

4. All in my Head

Sometimes, the illusion, sometimes, the avid perception, after the fairytale ends, we often feel, it was all in our head. Or then, maybe not. Maybe it was a sign, of what is to come.

5. Broken (LifeHouse)

Most of you wouldn’t have heard this one, but the way it says the things you experience in your daily life, the soul gripping senses, the lost echos, oh, I’m definitely in love with this song.

6. Mocking Bird

I couldn’t in my life, not include this song. Though I had put it at the last, considering it would be there, in everybody’s playlist already, I’m right, ain’t I? The rap, would make you cry, for the girl he sings to, for the passion he puts into.

You wouldn’t like me (Tegan and Sara), Teardrops on my guitar (Taylor Swift), You were Trouble (Taylor Swift), Dare you to move (Tegan and Sara), Demons (imagine Dragon), Pray (Justin Beiber), Thunderbolt (Justin Prime), Hero (Enrique Iglesias), Breathless (Shayne Ward), Count on Me (Bruno Mars), and the lsit would never end, but these songs do mean a lot to me, in various moods, of course.

And here are the bollywood ones. Yes, I haven’t included the likes of Lata and Asha, please don’t ridicule me for the choice.

1. Dil ko

Yah, the everlasting love song. You must have guessed up till now, that I am an undying fan of romantics.  Love the tune, love the way it sounds on guitar, when I play it. Oh, I can’t describe the feeling.

2. Mera jahan

What would you give up to have your childhood back, was what people said, when you reached your college, or better your job. But, with the advent of teaching students the process of getting into IIT from class V, well, I need my ‘Jahan’ back.

3. Kuch is tarah

This is one acute example of making my friend’s favorite, mine. He loved the way, the song didn’t portray the feeling of being excited and happy, rather than pushed forward the amazing feeling of being okay. And, I definitely couldn’t agree more.

4. Kaise batayen tujhe

This one connects me to the memories, I would rather not forget, given anything. This song reminds me the importance of memories over forever, of relations over speculations, of trials over endings.

5. Dil ye bekarar kyu hai

Well, a peppy song, one that you can dance to, and still not lose the essence of the beauty it sings to. You would not hate this song, for sure, if you hear it once, even if it doesn’t make to your top 10.

6. Kitni baatein

Ah…save the best for the last. Or at the least, my best choice. Plug in your earphones, and you would know, how this songs pushes you into the deep end, and you gladly sink, without a thought of coming back to the surface and facing reality again. Well, this is what I feel anyway.

Put your playlist here, and let us exchange love.

Mimansa Jaiswal

I am an engineering student, unintentionally in love with books, writing and sketching. I am an avid coder, philosopher and counsellor for people and all my friends.

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