Unbounded forever

Music is like food. Bad comparison?  Well I am trying to look at his through the eyes of a ten or a twelve year old. Everyone has diversified taste in music. Genres aren’t just specific. I am more of a slow music lover but then again I don’t mind house and EDM. Though I find metal pure noise, there are hardcore fans who would probably murder me at this moment after reading my opinion. To them, I apologize, but to each, his own. Music has no bounds and so doesn’t the fans of music.  Be it the recent Yo Yo honey Singh craze or the Arijit Singh bolly melodies. So if you hear someone humming a tune which you would never listen to and it disgusts you, don’t judge the poor guy and give him a break. I mean maybe three fourth of the internet is filled with anti Justin Beiber memes and how gay he is and all, but well there is still that one fourth which dances on those tunes.

Never underestimate the power of music, be it good or bad. The song which you may hate and you think is a disgrace to music, might be playing at the nearest club and you might be dancing to that because you have no other option. The recent songs like Gandi baat and sarree ke fall and many more like them aren’t the best of the lot but they do give us a good time when we need to have a good laugh and shake some feet to.

We should feel lucky. Why lucky if you may ask, I would say we have so many options to listen to when we plug in those earphones. Ranging from the rap God Eminem to the groovy beats of Justin Timberlake, the ghaati bollywood songs to the sweet Shreya Ghoshal notes, you have everything to listen and never run out of options. And if you are tired of even the shuffle option then why not try some new genre? It might be an utter fail or it may make you fall in love with something new. Music is the best next thing to food, and it can never be disappointing.

And when you have nothing great to hear, try YouTube with random song videos.

Rukmini Sengupta

blogger, writer, active on twitter, undergrad student doing engineering.

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