Understanding the Google’s Book project

For those of you who haven’t heard about the Google’s book project and are still wondering which library to visit to get a read on this, I must warn you that you are certainly missing one the major paradigm shift in our society. To explain in short, the book project is about ‘Digitizing’ every book ever printed on earth and providing every bit of this information to a Centralized library (Tag-Google Book Store) which anyone can access in a single mouse click.

Apart of being a huge Web store to buy books from, Google has taken this project to more fundamental levels of understanding ‘How humans create sentences’ and using this to improve the effectiveness of its ‘Search’ feature. In deep breaths, I realized that the ability to mimic ‘human thoughts’ and ‘language’ is something iconic in its own regards. For the geeks out there, they will understand my point in relation to ‘Artificial Intelligence’ which I must admit, sounds a bit ‘freaky’ to unroll.

Added to this is the fact that Google is cleaning up the information architecture on the Web for us all. You must be wondering what Google gets by cleaning up this mammoth dirt pile of information, the answer lies in statement that ‘Google wants to keep w.w.w. relevant to us’. What this means is that they encourage us stay connected to web all the time so that they can clearly ‘Map’ the personalities of each one us ‘Googling’ it. I know it may sound a bit harsh on our beloved Google, but the motive is clearly to ‘monetize’ and ‘manage’ the dataflow of everything we do.

Now to take the pressure out of the cooker, I must sadly inform you all that the project is presently under tatters. Started with the Grandest of vision, the project had been a disaster in its implementation. The amount off ‘Copyrights’ cases piling each week and the fact that Google is now finding it hard to fund the project has led to a ‘Pause in time’ for it.

Stating point of views from both sides, I find myself somewhere in middle of these positions until unless my own interests are directly affected by all this jugglery of ‘Technology’ and ‘Lawsuits’ from one hand to another.

Divya Kulshreshtha

Started freelancing as a way of expressing my love for football. Had come a long way since then and have developed a natural flair for stand out ideas in fields ranging from sports to social awareness. Conceptual thinker and a strong idea generator.

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