For the Love of a Girl

My heart never lets it out..

so i shut my mouth.

i walk along her..

and keep quiet..

and curse myself all night…

she is the one for me..

this time nothing can stop me..

I ain’t waiting for the time to be fine.

I just want to make her all myn.

I throw in all my strength..

And took long to realise and repent

that she was far far away..

and I was only a fool astray …

I curse myself all night long..

and all  my tears turn into a song.!

 A song I write only to you …

Retun my part of me that I left in you ..

return me those long walks..

and those meaningless talks..

the moment of love and hate..

such is the turn of fate..

send me those long letters..

I still get those jitters..

return back my love..

let free my heart’s dove..

I fight not with thy memories.

I remember just those stories..

which we made up together.

things change for the better..

I love you with all my might..

I curse myself all night..

and I curse myself all night..

Mayank Mishra

Passionate about writing, encaptivated by the magic of words. Writes poetry , short stories, articles etc. Very friendly in nature.

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