Welcome to the Land of Oz

Welcome to the Land of Oz!! Don’t be surprised if you see talking monkeys, flying baboons and walking china dolls. For more than a decade now, the word Wizard has been synonymous to the name “Harry Potter”. In our minds, we view wizards as people with magical ability carrying a wand and using a bunch of spells to ward of enemies. But here comes the Wizard of Oz to shatter your illusions. A Walt Disney Production, “Oz the Great and Powerful – 3D”, was released on March 8, 2013.

Directed by Sam Raimi and produced by Joe Roth, the movie stars James Franco as the Wizard of Oz. Readers far and wide would instantly recognize the word Oz. The “Wizard of Oz” series by L. Frank Baum is quite renowned among book lovers. But the movie is not a remake of the book. In fact, the movie enunciates a story of its own that has got nothing to do with the book series. Oscar Diggs is a magician in a circus in Kansas. During a storm, he is sucked into a tornado and finds himself in the Land of Oz. He meets the witches Theodora and Evanora who tempt him to kill the Wicked Witch, Gilnda, offering him riches and the throne of Emerald city in return for his services.

Oscar goes into the Dark Forest along with his monkey friend, Finley. He meets Little China Girl along the way. Together they meet Glinda who makes them realize that Evanora is the true Wicked witch. Not being a true magician, Oscar, along with the help of Glinda, and the people of the city resorts to prestidigitation. Using stealth and connivance as their weapons, the people of Oz plan on attacking the Emerald city. Their methods of attack and whether they were able to beat the wicked witch and capture the throne is the climax.


The movie is unique is many ways. It falsifies our outlook on magicians making us realize that magic is truly an art of illusion, thaumaturgy and deception. The deception is so complete that the illusory feat is considered as magic by naive observers. The movie has earned a gross revenue of $493,311,825 in box-office. Cinematography by Peter Deming is the most bedazing feature of the film along with other dazzling features.

For the official Disney trailer of the film, go to the following link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yyywumlnhdw If you haven’t watched the movie yet, don’t forget to give it a try. The movie is a must watch for all fantasy lovers!!

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