National game redefined

Quiz time

Can you tell me what is the national sport of India ?

Of course you could answer that within a blink of eye. But let me tell you, which ever sport you had in your mind was wrong


There isn’t any.

We might have learned in school that “HOCKEY” was the national sport

But that’s not true, let me tell you why?

A recent RTI has revealed that India has no national sport

 You might have not heard the story of national sport uncovered recently by a twelve year old girl.

Ten-year-old Aishwarya Parashar had asked the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) when the government of India had notified hockey as a national sport.

In response, The Union Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports has replied to the RTI query that India has not notified any national sport as such and also that there was no such record available in his archive.

But how could India stay like this, without any national sport as such of now?

Surely there should be an announcement about declaration of the national sport soon enough,

Indian sports have lost a bit of integrity as a national sport is considered to be an intrinsic part of the culture of a nation.

If you were made to choose the sport for the nation what will it be, here are some options

Cricket: Any one reading this article .may not ask me why cricket was mentioned first Cricket isn’t a game in India, it’s more like a religion ,Greatest cricketers in the century were born and raised here. Recently, in the retirement video of Sachin, you might have had a glance of the nation’s pride towards that game

Even though it is the most played and watched game in India, I strongly feel that choosing cricket as national game isn’t a best option.

I hold many reasons as to why

First of all, cricket isn’t originated in India, and it is already a national sport for few other countries, if we choose this, it isn’t going to increase or reduce the game’s popularity except I guess Indian players will have a raise in their pay.

Hockey: There is even a chance that government might reinsure hockey’s previous fake status as its national game.

Why not ,it has made nation pride in Olympics, but recently this game hasn’t gotten any admires from the Indian youth although few might have gotten inspired to watch the game ,after seeing the sensational hit “Chak de India”

This game could always be an option


At last a game that was originated in India, Kabaddi game is not only deeply rooted here, it is also the most popular game in rural areas across India. Making it India’s national sport might give a boost for the country’s urban youth engaging into the game. This is quite necessary!

But Kabaddi is quite violent, should this game be considered?

We have to even consider that it beholds the cultural aspects of rural India, pride of the nation

Wrestling: We call it kusti or malla-yuddha, since mythological days. The game deserves more respect and admiration than we are giving it now, like Kabaddi it captures the culture of rural India
Badminton: It is said that Badminton originated in India (there isn’t any proof),Recently Asian players have been gaining more glory ,so this could also be an option .

What do you think should be the national game of india?

haneesha thanati

a juvenile ,who trying to understand the miracles of universe.

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