What are you going to miss about Orkut?

Dear Orkut! You will be missed! In a recent blog post made by Google, company has announced that the era of Orkut is over now. Google is all set to shut down Orkut, one of the oldest social networking platforms (at least in India). Interestingly, a social media website that has lost its respect to Facebook long ago has suddenly turned all the eye-brows towards itself.

With Orkut about to go in the golden pages of history, here we go with five crazy reasons that still revive the time of Orkut in our minds:

Oh dear! You gave me my first girlfriend/boyfriend: Orkut became the first solution to one of the biggest problems of an Indian teenager. It successfully bridged the gap between liking someone & interaction with the same!

Even if you are the Casanova (in your mind at least) of your circle, you can never match the excitement of late-night chit-chat with your first crush. Can you?

A social network beyond Facebook: Orkut belongs to an era when even Mark Zuckerburg was struggling to learn coding-decoding in his undergrad days.

The role of Orkut behind those stupid yet innocent teenage conversations with your first crush will always be unmatchable.

Your introduction to social networking: I have a confession to make in the memory of Orkut. Orkut was the first social networking website that I signed up to. What about you? I am sure every Indian teenager’s social life took birth on Orkut!

World of fake profile pictures & testimonials: I can remember not finding any profile on Orkut with a real picture on display. I am sure even you won’t!

Ironically, that virtual world of fake profiles and immature conversations was once the best way to reach the opposite sex for Indian teenagers!

A platform to  English language publically: For me this is the funniest and one of the most memorable things about Orkut. Have you ever wondered what provided the ‘cool-factor’ to those long extensions of English words?

The era of typing a ‘Hi’ as ‘Hieeee’ or a ‘pic’ as ‘piczzz’ and so on marks its beginning from old-crazy-funny Orkut times!

No matter how virtual, humorous & unrealistic the world of Orkut was, today, it gives all of us at least one reason to revive a memory of the old days.

Share with us, what are you going to miss about Orkut?

Yashdeep Chahal

A Physics Honors student of Delhi University. An insanely passionate writer, an avid debater, columnist, blogger and an IPS aspirant. Encourage him or criticize him. Either ways, you are making him feel Super!

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