Weird gadgets and gizmos- 2014!

Technology is replacing every corner of our lives, 2013 has been a sure hit and 2014 also has a lot of gadgets and gizmos in store for you. We bring to you some of the weird gadgets and gizmos that are going to be launched in 2014.


We share pictures, send whatsapps, tweets and posts, the only lack is of recordings and now that’s too solved.

Kapture is a wristband that helps us record our audio clips and share our conversations with one and all. Thanks to Matt Dooley and Mike Sarow; the wrist band is always on, keeps buffering the last one minute of our conversations. When you think something amazing has been said simply tap on its mic grill press the button on the band and the last 60scs of the conversation will be automatically saved and transferred to the capture app on your Smartphone (android, iOS or windows) if your cell phone is not at hand. No worry! Kapture can record up to 25 audios and will be automatically transferred to you phone when it’s in range.

You can pre-order the device for $199 (plus $15 for shipping) and expect it on your wrist by Q2, 2014. What are you waiting for?


If you’re among those people who forget their little things every place they go, search the car keys everywhere in the house, or simple forget where their spectacles is, this gadget is for you.

Simply attach these quirky looking discs to your keys, laptops, and bags, whatever and find them in the blink of an eye. All you have to do is connect the chipolo with the app on your Smartphone (iOS and android) and later when any of these things gets misplaced, open the app and click! Trace your gadget then and there!

P.S- you can track it up to a radius of 60 meters

 Kolibree Bluetooth toothbrush

Yes, there is Bluetooth in humble toothbrush now! Kolibree’s newest toothbrush can connect to the  app in your Smartphone and relay the data it collects while you brush your teeth. But what’s the point? Well, until now you don’t know how well you are brushing your teeth. You spent five minutes rubbing the brush against your teeth, but did you follow the right procedure?
This connected toothbrush tells you how you are brushing. Are you doing an A grade job or just managing C? This brush will tell you. The app accompanying the brush will also tell people the correct way to clean their teeth and improve their grades.

So don’t sit back! I have ordered my favourite gizmo, have you? Get them now and flash it to your friends!


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