Women in Indian Cinema

Women in Indian Cinema

‘Woman’ – the beautiful creator of the world has immense power within her.  Women play a major role in our daily lives in the form of mother, daughter, sister, love, best friend etc. Their unique role cannot be defined as they are bound to our life in many ways. A woman is the symbol of power and finest creation ever by god. She is an ideal symbol for passive resistance and perseverance and has the ability to cross hurdles despite her daily chores. Being a woman is not a task or a role, it’s living a life indeed facing battles every day, being thoughtful, spreading the essence of love and affection among all and creating a new life.

Every woman on this earth has great qualities to explore the world by her fascinating feminine qualities on beauty, fashion, family, relationship, career, finance and more. Women occupy various positions in today’s scenario and are flying high in their career. Woman not only represents these qualities she is the best manager who can manage her work and life and create a harmony in her family.   Their existence makes our world a better place due to their elegance, warmth, care and compassion. The beauty of being a woman is unparalleled, and we expect every woman to feel proud of her.  Being a woman is to enjoy, elevate, rejoice, feel proud and to celebrate our life as a woman in today’s society!

It’s unfortunate that positioning of woman in film industry is really heart-breaking. I do not want to compare films that were released in previous era to current day. On the whole one can clearly witness that women are treated as glam dolls and an object of lust. Many could deny that there are films which celebrate womanhood. If we clearly analyze films that represent woman on par with man and their characters as strong as that of the male protagonists are limited. Women are devoid of independent existence which results in limiting the women’s role to provide glamour, relief, respite and entertainment. This also results in abuse against women in reality and they are ill-treated.

Women are portrayed as a raw material for men’s desire and treated as a child bearing machine. Women are used as accessories to deal with any serious plot too.  One cannot brush aside the fact that there are films featuring women as a lead role with a serious message to convey but the number of films released in this genre is  only handful when compared with other movies. It’s high time for the film fraternity to awake and recognize the women folk and empower them for what they are !


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