Bolne me Mera Kya jaat hai..

Waking up to the spine chilling arms of Kashmir, having lunch at a posh restaurant at Nainital, taking an evening stroll along the banks of Bandra, dinning at a lively Punjabi Dhaaba and finally back to the dreamy bed.

How does that sound?? Way too hard to believe huh??

I know, I am pushing myself too far. But what’s wrong in dreaming right?? After all, dreams are the soul of creation.

May be all the things I have mentioned above are miles apart from what’s real but we are definitely living in an era where technological advancement has given us the advantage to be present at different places all at the same time[though not physically].

May be the “Impossible” chord that’s striking your mind right now will turn real in near future with the kind of progress we are making in computing technology day by day.

Letters and Telegrams have been replaced with emails and chats. Miss your special someone? Just dial his/her number and you can hear their voices, want to go even further? Have a live video calling over your 3G network and give that extra jest to your communication approaches.

It’s all about staying at the edge today. A new gadget enters the market everyday and with added functionality, makes it even more interesting and catchy for the buyers. To ignore what’s going around would be a complete dumb choice because everything is going viral and online, right from booking your tickets, shopping for your favorite book/shoe/cloth/accessories, exploring a new holiday destination, buying that desired plot and even your groceries.

I wonder soon enough we will have moving and flying chairs to take us anywhere we want without even having to move our arses . He he 🙂

 The only side effect it would have was to make us lazier then we already are.


But the primary disadvantage technology brings along with it is the Permanent Death of creativity. I know your views might differ from mine in this but what I have noticed myself is that every time I get stuck on something all I do is “Google”. So it’s like I depend on Google [also meaning all other search engines/internet] for information, sometimes even the simplest ones.

Yeah…you are right, what’s the harm in cross checking right? But doesn’t it surprise you how our mental quotient is shrinking day by day just because we are depending too much on Google and sites alike? Recent experiments show that given a task, 80% of people tend to search for the answer online without even trying once. However I am not totally implying that there are people who don’t follow the traditional approach in solving the problem as well.

The point I am trying to make out here is take a break once a while and go out and bathe in the sun rather than giving likes to the wonderful sunset/sunrise pic at FB, take a walk along the sandy shores and the green lawns at the park rather than doing it via “Temple Run”, try to hear the early morning chirping of the birds taking out those ear buds, Spend some time with your family and friends instead of being glued to whatsapp/wechat, go for a Sunday noon swimming with your buddies rather than spending it with your lappy.

I mean life has so many vivid colors and aroma, why not taste and feel it in real for once huh? Technology was meant to make our life simpler so that we can find time for ourselves and for our loved ones right?

Aah!! Sorry I got to go, my girlfriends have been pinging me since forever and I haven’t responded. I am dead meat today.

Darshan Blon

I am a keen learner and observer of things.I love travelling and listening music.Learning languages is my passion.

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