World of sand!

“Rightly said, man is made of sand, and will one day submerge in sand”

Potter’s wheel has a magical impact on mother earth. Pottery is indeed one of the unique skills. It is the integral facet of societies, right from carrying water to take past loved ones, people have relied on potters and their trade.  A simple ceramic material can turns to beautiful vases, statues and what not. Literally, pottery refers to art of the maker.

The story of pottery, doesn’t start today. It’s been known and used over centuries now. Years back, when people lived in Stone Age, it was this art that helped people in storage. Traces have been found of earthen pots and sculptures in Harappa and Mesopotamian civilisation as well. Objects like “Venus of Dolni” figurine discover centuries back stands today as a main platform in any art stream. Early Neolithic Pottery has also been found in Japan, Russian Far East as well as Sub-Saharan Africa.

Indeed this art is priceless! Right from divas on Diwali to lavish corner pieces in home furnishing, one can smell the wet potter’s clay. Not only this, but also, most of the pots and vases designed in contemporary art nouveau and art deco styles are ceramic!

Even today, people use earthen pots for cooling water. Pottery is the main profession of villagers as well as part time vocational employment. The English city “STROKE ON TREND” is known as the potteries as its hub of pottery factories. Moreover, clay has a unique therapeutic quality which settle and calm children and helps in their easy understanding.

Recently, studio pottery is a new timeline is the pottery made by artists in groups or alone, which are unique and short run. It mostly includes tableware, cookware and non-functional ware like sculptures.

Changes in style and type of pottery occurred to satisfy social and economic demands. Sadly, contemporary pottery causes some environmental issues as it is processed with technologies. It not only affects workers but also affect general environment too. plumbism is a significant health concern caused due to glazing pottery. Moreover, even the pollutants and use of energy is a growing concern.

Hence, the original is better. Some things are best without human interventions and machines. Pottery products, are easily reusable. Handmade artisan pottery has always been a major part of culture and will always be…

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