Click – Life as a movie

Director- Frank Coraci

Writers-¬† Steve Koren, Mark O’ Keefe

Starring- Adam Sandler, Kate Beckinsale, Christopher Walken.


Of late, I have been following a trend which many of you may already be into. I don’t know what they have named it yet but let’s just say I have caught a movie fever. It’s not unusual for a person to fall head over heels for movies that captivate your eyes, your mind, get you and your friends biting your nails as well over its entire duration.

So recently there’s been a lot of watching, and I accidentally came across this movie.

Directed by Frank Coraci’s movie Click’s story unfolds in this manner:

Well, let’s just say you are an average fellow, leading a very dreary life being in a profession, perhaps an architect, married to a beautiful wife who makes you wonder how in the world did you even manage to marry a woman that winsome and have two sweet kids with who thankfully inherited her DNA mostly. Yes, in short a perfect family.

And one day in your very stressful and hectic life, you can’t simply find your TV remote which can be quite irksome. Life is already troublesome enough, so naturally you desire for something very handy, very convenient “A universal remote.” Ah yes, one that could sweep you through channels, open your garage and even unlock your car for that matter. Now, you as well as I, know that we would not stumble upon such a stupendous remote anywhere ordinary but you do stumble upon this uncanny, quasi mad scientist who hands you over just your thing, quaintly free of cost too. Sadly with purchase conditions apply and in this case the condition being that it could not be returned.

Anyway why return what’s free? So there you are, euphoric, sitting sedentary and goofing about, things at ease with your remote from fans to lights and what not. But every family has its sad moments as well, children weep, being at loggerheads with wife and you must respond like a responsible father, husband. There is nothing the universal remote can do about this phase of universe. Or can it? Or can you possibly pause the dispute, mute the weeps and who knows maybe even fast forward through all of this all the way to your promotion in work. Life is now only happiness and moments of celebration.

Are there any other features of this remote as well? Well there is a bad side to everything, so why not the remote?

Friends, life sure gets sweet but can anything that prodigious come for free? Or did you ever think what all you would miss when you fast forward your life. Ever thought about the possibility that you may fast forward to a time when it might be too late to see your dear ones again. Or you may even fast forward to the end of your marriage or maybe even your own end. And there is a lot more than just that.

Sigh, now all that depends on how you click it. And that’s the story of “Click”, a perfect blend of drama and comedy that wraps up with a moral for all. ¬†With a laudable performance from Adam Sandler as the protagonist that is the architect, Kate Beckinsale as the drop dead gorgeous wife who makes you wonder that it was pure luck that got you married to her and Christopher Walken as the scientist (let me just say scientist for now and not reveal the true character as that would ruin the plot), the movie is a full entertainment of 1 hour 47 minutes.

Well as for me, I would rate it:


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