Are you game ?

Are you game?

Video games have always been fun and awesome. I still compare many things around me to the virtual life of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Gaming is not a bad thing, although addiction to gaming is not appreciable. Videogames have the ability to change a person’s brain and what’s interesting is that this change which is good. A growing body of researchers on video games suggests that gaming improves creativity, perception and decision making ability. I still remember playing Super Mario. Even though I never found the princess, I clearly used to enjoy the game far more than any other thing at that age. A three year study on 519 students revealed facts which were astonishing and clearly mind boggling, as they were against the rational thinking about video games where people are convinced of the so called gaming hazards.  According to Michigan State University’s children and technology project report in November, almost every child or teen who plays a video games scored higher on the standardized tests of creativity – regardless of their age, gender and race. The students who were ranked were subjected to Torrance test of creativity.

The new generation games are at odds with themselves. The new games which are tapped into today’s vast social ecosystem make me wonder and at the same time relish the taste of technology’s part in the modern day gaming world. The traditional gaming experience is altogether modified to a totally updated version of awesomeness. With whole of the gaming experience has been merely being bonded to PCs for many gamers since ages the recent trend in increasing sales of gaming consoles is proving the fact that CONSOLE GAMING IS THE FUTURE.

X-Box and PlayStation (PS) are the leading gaming consoles in the world. X box is the registered trademark of the Microsoft and PlayStation is created and developed by Sony Computer Entertainment the recently launched XBOX ONE and PlayStation 4 got an exciting entry into the generation of home consoles that improves on the previous versions in many ways. They offer a broader set of home entertainment than just merely being gaming machines, looks like Microsoft and Sony are planning to take over the living room on a massive scale. On these new consoles the potential for instant switching and snap on TV is huge. Entertainment from TV and real time Facebook updates is genuinely better than using a laptop or a phone.

Gaming consoles are not restricted to the lazy fat guys anymore. With Xbox Kinect pioneering the world of motion gaming and PlayStation move following its lead, it’s time to experience an ERA of gaming. The impressive force feedback in the triggers, vibrators in the controllers take the player to an all new level of entertainment.

Why is console gaming better than PC gaming?

A gaming console is nothing but a highly specialized computer. In fact most of these consoles use the same central processing units (CPUs) used in many desktop computers. The cost of gaming consoles is far too low when compared to a fully loaded computer. Consoles tend to support games better and load them faster except for those expensive computer rigs. They are easy to connect to TV and stereo making them an inevitable part of entertainment. One needA not worry about the compatibility issues like audio card, graphics, resolution, DirectX drivers, updates and what not .Easy plug and play machines offering a total new experience on split screen or multiplayer gaming.

When you totally wish to experience this world, here is the link I found interesting which could guide you before you rush to a gaming console store.

So, are you game?

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