Meghalaya which means “the abode of clouds” in Sanskrit is endowed with beautiful sceneries and site views that are fascinating to the tourist’s eyes. One need not worry about the holiday destinations in the state even though if aware of the fact, 8% of India is the geographical size of northeast. In and around the state of Meghalaya, there are plentiful of places for travelling. For such a long time, we, South and North Indians have forgotten to visit this breathtaking state. This doesn’t stop northeast Indians to visit our state for educational and work related purposes. But Northeast still needs to be redefined.

The capital of Meghalaya,  Shillong which is located on the eastern side is a hill station that is enriched by nature has a magnificent, serene feel to it. No wonder, it is compared to Scotland of United Kingdom. It truly deserves the name. The people in Meghalaya are very friendly people and you can’t help falling in love with the place.

Hot and Humid during the summer season, cold and smooth during the winter season, tourists can best travel on the last three months of the year. Shillong peak, Golf course, Sweet falls, Elephant falls, Dingei hills, Mawphlang- Law Kyntang, Umiam Lake, Ward’s Lake, Dumpeep peak, Butterfly museum, Balpakram National Park,  Don Bosco Museum, Laitumkhrah cathedral are all the list of places for tourists to consider.

One of the largest Golf courses in Asia is Golf course situated in Shillong. A group of British civil officers introduced Golf into the place in 1898. Since then, it is a meeting place for golfers as well as non-golfers. Shillong peak is a visual treat during the night time. The entire view of shillong can be seen with the help of lights present there. The peak is also the largest point in Meghalaya. The priests will greet the tourists in a thoughtful manner. In short, Shillong peak as suggested by a Meghalayan friend is a place worth remembering.

Mawphlang Law Kyntang is another tourist attraction especially for forest lovers. The lack of interference from humans makes the sacred forest, a wonderful destination for people who are fond of dense trees and plants. Dingei Hills is for mountain climbers and Dumpeek peak is the highest peak in Shilong that is led by two paths.

On the outskirts of East Khasi Hills District, Don Bosco Museum is located at Mawlai, Shilong. This is a centre for Indigenous cultures. Training and Publications, variegated research on cultures, Animation programmes and related topics revolving cultures are the reason for establishing the seven floor museum. Paying a visit to the museum will give a memorable experience to knowledge seekers.

Not only the above, there are various captivating places in Shillong especially the caves.

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