AK-47 Real gun but Fake Bullets

On a rather much less interesting and slightly disappointing note this title isn’t another one of mechanical narrative on how good a rifle and a piece of machinery Kalashnikov is, this is rather a disappointing end to a movement that was the centre of attention in the Indian political scenario for two years, kept thousands of commoners out in the sun and rain hoping for a better India but their hopes died out by the repeated acts which were much less planned and much lesser organised than the movement which preceded them. Yes, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal and his 47 day tenure as the New Delhi CM is what is referred to as AK-47 here, and to put it the right way definitely he was a gun raised by people of Delhi to a high pedestal but figuratively speaking the gun is not enough if the bullets are fake, which is exactly what has happened in this case.

Keeping aside hundreds of critiques and another hundred of comments and judgements of eminent personalities, if we look from the viewpoint of a common person who was the sole wheel turner of this wagon, the masses have got nothing but a heavy weight of disappointment in return. As if already the condition was too fragile, came in the fray Mr. Arvind like a ray of light in the darkness unlike other Netas,promising well and promising true not the big things which the people did not need but the small things people wanted. So far so good, not to forget he and Anna Hazare actually instigated masses to get out of their comfy beds and cozy homes in the harsh weather and dusty maidaans and people did that too. Now as the movement reaped results, the crown of Delhi was reward to the man who lead the movement, but little did people know that instead of their problems being solved, new problems were going to be raised by the ritualistic interplay of inexperience and hurry which almost always results in failure.

I have been amidst enough conversations about the recent polity to understand what common man thinks about this situation so I am going to list those things and what is the extent of damage or welfare done by Mr. Kejriwal in these two years and 47 days:

1. The movement that failed and its repercussions:

We all know how difficult it is to bring up a movement and to bring about a revolution from the grass root level. Now that Anna and Kejriwal’s Jan Satyagraha has given no fruits, people have lost a little hope in these type of things. So Kejriwal’s failure has paved a difficult road for future endeavours in this direction. This failure has hardened people’s heart and shaken their beliefs. After all it is wrong to take people too far behind you and disappear suddenly leaving them groping in the dark.

2. Playing with the common man:

It is well clear now that AAP won the Delhi election by playing on the minds of the lower classes which include poorest of the poor. After promising them luxuries and fortunes he has dropped his arms and converted his promises to empty lies.

3. The melodrama of blame game:

After much heard cacophony about Congress, BJP and other parties, his claims of their corruption and frauds he himself has committed some serious unforgivable mistakes which have left the public in confusion on what to believe and what to deny.

4. The present scenario:

Kejriwal could have comfortably ruled in Delhi with his cabinet for 5 years and proved his worth as a non corrupt Neta but his over ambitions have led to his resignation and now that he has jumped in to Lok Sabha elections, while h has no solid and firm grounds to stand on he has resorted to confusing the public with different scandals and attempts of defaming whosoever he desires.

It is clear enough that Kejriwal has no idea about running the government , it is easier to harangue people with mikes and loudspeakers and defame other Netas on public places but it is a different game when you are elected. While people respected his emotions and ambitions , gave him a golden chance he threw it away to only aspire for higher pedestals and that has left him nowhere as of now.

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