5 Places In Delhi To Shop From

Today, everyone wants to be fashionable, everyone wants to be following the latest style trends. And therefore, keeping ourselves up to date in that sense is a key task to do. And not if so, then the minimum thing that we all wish to do is to never repeat our …

Travel Hotspots

A weekend trip to Kasauli

“Great things never come from comfort zones”, and it is this saying that makes us more inclined towards exploring beyond our confined settings and adding to our knowledge. Travelling is one such way through which, we not only learn a lot about other places but it also helps us find …

Art Forms of India
Art Beat

India and its Art Forms

India is a land of varied culture, people and tradition. Not only the human element leads to this, but also the natural elements like geography and climate also have a hand in this. So as a result, not only the food and dressing habits of the people are different from …

Good Samaritans
Good Samaritans

No Age Barrier To Be A Good Samaritan

In earlier times, it was only armed men and knights men that were meant to protect the weak and the needy. This was because in those times, people faced problems collectively and that mainly included those around wars and violence. But, nowadays, this trend has seen some changes. Now, not …

The game of golf

Government Funding For Sports In India

In today’s era, getting educated and being a topper in studies are not the only requirement for a child to excel. Hobbies and passion also play a very crucial role in his overall personality development. Though, many take up education as a route to achieve success and stability in life, …