10 things even Mastercard can’t Buy!

Clothes, accessories, food, the list is endless. The list of things that can be bought by money is never exhausting. But at times in your life when you sit back and reflect on all the things, how many of them are those which give you real happiness? How many of these will you cherish and remember for the rest of your life? 

Here are 10 things which money cannot buy. You can have a list of your own. Read on and do not forget to leave your list of things in the comments section..

1) Respect: Of all the things that a human being needs to survive, respect is that invisible thing which everyone of us want. Respect is something that keeps the relationships alive and breathing. We have all heard and talked so much about respect. But what really is respect? What does it actually mean? Is it different for different people or is it something that needs to be earned to keep the race of life going? To understand it in simple language, respect is that feeling which is both- given and received. as humans, we tend to expect other people to respect us. This expectation comes from the respect that we show towards them. We fail to understand at times that respect is something that is earned by the way we live, by the way we react to things, people and situations in life. It is something that is earned by the standards of the particular society in which one lives. Respect has many phases and can mean different to different people. It cannot be measured as a quantity, neither can be traded or bought. It is one of those precious things that is earned and built over time. Yes, no amount of money in the world can buy you the kind of respect you truly deserve. It is that precious asset which a person has to safeguard with utmost care. Respect is as much difficult to keep as much it is to be earned. One stupid or inconsiderate act is enough to lose respect among the people we live with. All said and done, it is definitely one of the most precious of the things money can never buy.

2) Well raised kids: We live in a society bonded by relations and the relationship we share with our kids is the most beautiful of all. In times when we see a lot of people longing for a bond or spend quality time with their kids, finding well-raised kids is a perfect asset for any parent. No school, institution in this world or no amount of money will help you raise disciplined and independent kids. Being a well-raised kid yourself can be the best blessing ever. Either you are a parent with well raised kids or you come from a family where you were brought up with the best discipline, habits and virtues, give a pat on your back. It is because you come from an atmosphere which is not dependent on extrinsic motivators to a good living. All that you are, is not because of the money but the values and culture taught to you by your elders.

3) Balance between work-life: Chaos! It is chaos that we see every day. There is a fight every morning with our own self to first wake-up (read on-time), catch up with some household chores and then rush to that early morning meeting or run like you are going to miss a train. Almost every one of us have been in such situations now and then. For a change and luck by chance there would be days when you are on time but as day progresses, you are craving for those few minutes with your loved ones or that coffee with a best friend of yours or maybe, that 5minutes of sleep for yourself! To balance between work and life is an art and again, money cannot buy you this art. This is something that you either inherit from your genes or you learn by trial and error. If you are a person who can strike a perfect balance between work and personal life, treasure yourself. It is one of those things that money cannot buy.

4) Common sense: Common sense, as the name suggest is not really common! Yes, the fact that most problems occur in life is due to lack of common sense. If only money could buy sense, a lot of problems in life could be avoided. Intelligence is something that cannot be bought or borrowed. Common sense can be a part of anyone’s life through continuous practice and being aware of situations and people that surround one’s life. It cannot be purchased. It has to be learnt!

5) Good friends: Relationship, of course the good ones are very dear to human kind. Money might bring people close to you but real friends do not come with a price tag. These friends stay with you through the good and bad times. While friends are just limited to parties, hangouts, leisure time; good friends stay through thick and thin, never leave your side. Money can never buy these kind of friends for you. Treasure these kind of friends and if you have not seen someone in a long time, just pick up the phone and call them right away. Little gestures of surprises sometimes mean so much to people.

6) Peace of mind: With great power comes great responsibility. Likewise, with great money comes great stress. Money can sometimes give you a lot of stress and the wrong kind of people around you.

7) Talent: Talent is either inborn or is cultivated through regular practise. No one in this world can buy talent with money. It is that trait in a human being which only he can achieve and reflect out to the world. Budding talent can never be stolen or killed. It can only be nurtured through regular practice. The confidence that talent gives can only be felt and experienced.

8) Good health: Having all the money in the world will not buy good health if we don’t look after our body. It does not take very much effort to do the right thing for yourself and cut out what is not considered healthy food. Everything that goes into your mouth will ultimately dictate your health and well-being. Go for a walk, laugh a little, show some love and get the benefits of even smiling for those few minutes. It makes a great difference to your health. If you want to have some confirmation, then go and visit an aged peoples’ home and see the results for yourself. Money can never buy you good health and the happiness that comes through it. 

9) Luck: If you thought that luck is cup of tea for rich people, change your thinking. No, luck is not a game of the rich! Luck happens, it happens just like that. Rich people are not always lucky. In fact rich people also have their shares of bad luck. So, if you thought that you will get lucky if you became rich, you should read some of the tragic stories of some famous and rich people. Luck happens to those who believe in themselves and work towards making a successful life. It happens sometimes and fails to happen many times. What is important is, to believe and keep moving forward in any situation of life and see how luck favors you.

10) Love: Love is the greatest feeling in the world and also a priceless asset that cannot be bought or sold. It can neither be borrowed or stolen for anyone. Love, and rather True Love is something that no credit card or bank balance could get you. Money gives you magnetic effect when it comes to attracting well-wishers but your true love could easily leave you if you do not have the basic ingredients of faith, trust and affection, despite you being the richest.

Read and reflect on all the things that you are blessed with, which money cannot buy. Life’s real pleasures are found in these things only. Never lose any of these. Cherish and enjoy all the things that money can’t buy.

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