it was a warm lighted pub

with the tinkling of the glasses

and courteous smiles,

i felt the sharp knife,

tingling my pelvis.


with a sweep of searching look,

i found him

sitting with a woman,

a woman who was not his wife.

he smiled, laughed, whispered and here i burnt.


acquiring all the courage i had,

stimulated by a shame

i stepped towards him,

he looked at me

and i smiled.


it was more like an intoxication

a mechanized one

when i just blurted out, all that i wrote

the last night on my feeble notebook

to make myself prepared.


the intoxication broke

when he gave me a flashy smile,

offered me to have a drink,

promised me a job

told me to be at the office tomorrow, ‘sharp at 10, kid’


planning is romanticizing,   

so, it was 3 hours past midnight,

i was there in the terrace of my new office.

cigarettes burned,

one by one, when i filled myself with an obnoxious urge of revenge.


it was morning,

when i stepped down,(and i confirmed the people of menial jobs, that i am a new worker) 

i broke the lock of my boss’ office

and i stepped in,

a chill running through my nerves, a chill of being a winner.


i placed two CD

on my boss’s table.

and i waited.

i waited for him to ‘come’

i waited to kill.


thus, the glorious time arrived.

he entered

and in a vague sight, he pretended to recognize me.

he lighted a cigar,

smoked for a few times and remembered me.


he looked with doubtful eyes

he kept his eyes on the CD

and told me to wait.

it was the prologue to my drama,

a drama etched with pearls of blood.


he did the needful, stood in front of the expensive idiot box.

and there was I, inside it, laughing a laughter smeared with mockery.

when he turned at me,

i locked the door,

dropped down the morbid office curtains.


the voice spoke,

from inside the black lady.

it was me, with eyes of fire and disgust

of hopelessness and death.

i didn’t speak and word, i just laughed in there.


and then the climax came.

he saw her woman, 

being raped.

who raped her?

it was me.


i completed the ritual,

just the way my wife narrated me,

the night before

she jumped off 

the roof.


the ritual was agonizing.

it was a rape.

i tried to make love,

but the woman was not mine,

she was not my wife.


i continued,

and i kept laughing.

i laughing in inside, on outside too.

my boss, like a stone

stood motionless.


he turned at me

to fire a punch,

too late it was

i grabbed him already,

my knife kissed his throat.


”remember my wife,

she used to work here.”

whispered I.

it was all that i said, because, my darling said me no more.

she kept quite, and just jumped without letting me know.


before the beast could make a noise.

i slashed him.

his blood on my body,

it was a revenge,

a complete one.


i didn’t run

cause i was victorious.

the CD was kept on,

my boss lied on the floor

and i went out whistling.


i moved to the terrace.

and my whistling stopped.

yes, she was there.

waiting for me.

in white or black, i couldn’t decipher.

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