5 Places In Delhi To Shop From

Today, everyone wants to be fashionable, everyone wants to be following the latest style trends. And therefore, keeping ourselves up to date in that sense is a key task to do. And not if so, then the minimum thing that we all wish to do is to never repeat our clothes. But doing that daily might affect our Bank Balance heavily. Therefore, in that sense, the capital city of our country becomes a savior. With some very exciting regions to shop from, Delhi promises to fulfill all our needs.

Delhi is one place wherein every shop-a-holic would love to shop from. It is the availability of all kinds of products at affordable prices that makes the place an exclusive shopping hub in central India.

A shop-a-holic in Delhi cannot just get away with shopping in big malls and brands. Following are the 5 most important places which have to be visited before anyone completes their shopping:

  1. Janpath Market

Located near Connaught Place, Janpath Market is a street market which is sufficient in fulfilling all your shopping desires. From accessories and bags to clothes and shoes, the market has them all. Apart from these, beautiful items of home decor are available and that too at cheap rates. Typically ethnic silver jewelry and latest outfits are good to buy from Janpath.

The market is famous for junk jewelry, paintings, leather articles, artifacts, clothing, handicrafts, brass ware and has specialized markets as well like Gujarati market, Tibetan market etc., where specialized items of local regions are also available. All you need to have are good bargaining skills and a knack for finding the best from the lot.

  1. Sarojini Market

Another such place in Delhi is the Sarojini Market, without which shopping is incomplete in Delhi. In comparison to Janpath, Sarojini is way bigger and is a shop for all kind of place. You can get clothes and accessories at very low prices. And therefore Sarojini is that place from where you can make a complete outfit within a budget of Rs.1000 only.

This is a thriving market with a huge crowd and lots and lots of options for everyone. You can reach the market through Bus or Metro and plan a whole day to shop for yourself.

  1. Connaught Place

Located in the heart of the city, the Connaught Place market is a place to more than 50 clothing brands and high rated cafes and restaurants. H&M, Benetton, Lifestyle, Only, you name it and CP has them all. Also apart from shopping, the CP has beautiful architecture and is apt for clicking pictures.

Therefore, CP provides a complete package for all. With easy connectivity directly through metro, CP now has become very reachable and crowded as well. All you need to have is a shopping list and a complete knowledge of all the blocks in CP to be able to fulfill your needs.

  1. Chandni Chowk

If in Delhi, you want to have a look at the Mughal history, monuments and eateries, then you must visit Chandni Chowk. The place is suitable for ethnic shopping (especially bridal shopping) and is a market that any Delhiite would vouch for. Apart from clothes, you will also have a variety of options in eateries available in the market to savor your taste buds.

Therefore, begin the day with a visit to some historical places like Red Fort and the Jama Masjid and then head over to the “Paranthe Wali Gali” to have a taste of lip-smacking paranthas, the tastiest of them being the Rabdi Parantha. And finally, kick start your shopping in the crowded lanes of Chandni Chowk with good bargaining skills ready at the go.

  1. Kamala Nagar

Originally established as a posh residential area, Kamala Nagar has eventually grown out to be one of the most famous shopping hubs of North Delhi. Because of its location near the North Campus of Delhi University, the place attracted many traders and businessmen to set up a huge market, and today, it is one.

With top brand outlets and spicy street food, Kamala Nagar is a suitable shopping place for girls as well as boys. Also, all the newest trends in clothing and fashion are available there, thus making Kamala Nagar, a hotspot for shop-a-holics in Delhi.

Therefore, whenever you plan your next trip to Delhi, or just want to go for shopping, hop on to any one of these places and thank me later!


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