How the mirror broke me

Slumber eludes me

Repudiates me like a bored suitor

Long lost are effervescent days

And a  friable heart.

Books, parchment, pen

And a boisterous conscience

Friendly voices turned condescending

Torture me to pen down my being.


I will not comply!

To petty, petty gossip

“Mirror mirror on the wall,

Do you see life in these eyes at all?”

Emptiness, eloquent

Embarassed, economical

Disapproval hung heavy in the air

A poor, poor masquerade.

A crumbling fool looks back at me

Begging for a drug that makes you dream

Skeptic yet adherant, there was

A momentary flicker of hope…


“Blow out the candle that still burns

Let the darkness devour your soul”


I will not comply

Yet the voices tempt me so!

An enormous desire to plunge in

Leave me mortified

As my gullible mind reaches for the ink

Casting a shadow on the parchment…

I submit, abused

A rogue they made of me

Prisoner of my own being, I

I draw the blood of my veins.

Ipsita Kabiraj

Living life one book at a time :) Namasté.

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