Shiva Triology

I never expected a book on lord Shiva to be as interesting and addictive a book as the one from the SHIVA-TRILOGY was. The first time I picked up the first book it was a revelation in itself, one could never have thought that a book on a mythical character could be so accurate with the facts and yet be different in terms of the story line.

The first book i.e. IMMORTALS OF MELUHA starts with the story of how ‘Shiva’ finds his way to India and how his fate changes once he is declared the ‘Neelkanth’.The Indian system of governance is depicted in a very interesting manner. The relationships between the characters in the book are very relatable. The climax is such that one would be left wanting for more of the book.

The second book THE SECRET OF THE NAGAS gives us insight into the lives of many other mythical characters or GODS (as we now believe them to be). This book is mainly about how the life of the ‘Neelkanth’ is after he is accepted to be ‘the living god’ and is expected to solve the problems faced by the kingdom of ‘Meluha’ because of the ‘Nagas’. It has a big twist in the middle of the plot and one cannot but wonder about the creativity of the author. After reading the book one may be able to reflect upon one’s own life as to how we form an opinion about someone/something and it turns out to be the complete opposite in reality. The climax of this book is astounding. One cannot wait to lay their hands on the next/last book in the trilogy. The climax is a real “paisa vasool” deal.

The third book and unfortunately the last book in the series i.e. THE OATH OF THE VAYUPUTRAS gives us the answers to all the questions which prop up in our minds while reading the first two books.It gives us all the explanations in detail, for which the author can be commended for the amount of research he has done. The main structure of the plot sticks to the mythological tale of Shiva-sati aka Parvati. Once you get to the last page of the book you feel that the story has been completed perfectly.

Do read this trilogy of books. It is an excellent read and for many of us it may well make us aware of our mythology (may be not in a way our elders expected) and the various facts about our great country and as ‘Shiva’ says in the book HAR HAR MAHADEV!

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