Against the Stream

Like a stark naked truth I stood alone

Burning in the rain like an inferno

The poison within surged from head to toe,

And the senses fell like a domino


Thoughts bared themselves at every ear

While returning to their abode to be tamed

The wanderer in them howled of tired legs

Their nomadic attitude to be blamed


The rain hit the thoughts, and into words they melted

Leaving me breathless and fuming

The words formed into a stream of lines

With the danger for the life in them looming


The stream hit the rock in me

Splashes soothing the voices in the head

It broke me down, grain by grain,

And to the sacred chamber of the heart it lead


Prejudice ruled roost in the kingdom

And on the atrocities of the mind they fed

Inhabitants of the heart were a wealthy lot

For, on the poison in me they bred


Like a snake seething in its own venom

The stream flowed into their land,

It brought with it the memories of me

The desert sand they couldn’t withstand


With their taboo rituals the dwellers marched

Effected by the tyrannies of change

They divorced their romance with the land

Like the cruel husband estrange


The stream flowed by, stacking the grains

And cleansed the poison and the thorns it laid

The granules formed the beach far and wide

Oh! The games that the heart played!


The stream stood still and the flowers bloomed

And sun shone bright above, standing tall

Empty were the lanes, and emptier the chamber

None were patient enough to view them all


And into my senses I came back

Still finding myself like a stark naked truth standing alone

The poison was gone and the inferno turned charade

The prevailing calm smiling with the numb undertone

Snehith Allamraju

I am the one you do not perceive me to be

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