English shayari (couplets)

Evening seems strikingly unusual sometimes,

Life appears so inanimate sometimes,

If you identify then enlighten me as well,

That why reminiscing breaches my tranquility sometimes.

Do not let tears transgress the eyes

Do not tell the tale of this broken heart, who is naïve,

People are always wandering with handful of salt,

So, do not show your infliction even by default.


We were so close earlier but, now we are apart

In a moment my life has broken into infinite shards.

Your presence, I can feel in my loneliness

And my damp eyes validate my helplessness.

I have left this habit of expressing my pain,

I have withdrawn my constant complain.

People at times ask me about my frown face

I can still beguile them through phony says

But how will tell this heart

That now we have now set apart.



Deeti Gupta

No I am not reticent it just I am little out of time anyways I feel it's very difficult to for me to describe myself. Initially you can find me diffident and laconic but gradually you will realize that more or less I am like that only (lol).

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