The Eternal Liason

I wrote your failure somewhere..

Where did I keep it?

I wrote your death somewhere..

Did I eat it?

Last night, I ripped off your passion somewhere..

Whom did I give it?

Last autumn, I colored your faded soul somewhere..

Where did I shelve it?

Last winter, I froze your blood somewhere..

Did I keep it in the fridge?

Last morning, I clouded your thoughts somewhere..

Where are they now?

Paradoxical thoughts and a less considerate being..

I loved you like a child’s first cry..

Selfish and mean a being..

I wanted you to stay with me..

Till eternity..

Suspicious neighbors ask me about the stink they get every moment.

I hurl them abuses saying..

“It’s your sinned soul that stinks..

The dirty mind you have”

And I slam the door..

Only lord knows..

The pleasure in making love with you..

Since two years..

When you lie with blank eyes..

Static breath..

Cold body..

And soulless.

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