Aitzaz Hasan- The unsung hero

Just 5 days after the entire world celebrated New Year’s eve, an incident occured In the Hangu District of Pakistan, a boy of mere 14 or 15 years of age, lost his life. And no, it wasn’t a death someone undergoes in a hospital trying to fight some sickness or disease, it’s a death that wasn’t anticipated at all. Aitzaz Hasan while trying to protect the lives of many from a suicide bomber, ended up losing his life at such a young age.

Nobody knows what actually happened but several accounts conclude that there were two believable incidents that could have occured. Firstly, Aitzaz confronted a person while coming to school. He seemed to be a man of 25 years of age and was dressed in school uniform. Aitzaz knew that he held a bomb and threw a stone at him. Eventually, he grabbed the man and tried to stop him.

Another incident was that Aitzaz was punished by his teacher and was standing near the gate. His friends noticed a man coming near the gate and he saw him too. Other students ran inside but Aitzaz stood like a wall and faced him. Eventually, the bomb was detonated. But Aitzaz later on died in the hospital.

Except for slight news in little columns of the newspapers, none of the places mentioned Aitzaz’s valiant nature. Had someone else been there, he would have sprinted away from the bomber. But this boy had the guts to confront the bomber and save the lives of at least a thousand people. His father accepted his death with patience and bravery and told everyone that he is happy to see his son’s death as an act of patriotism. Like father, like son, the boy died as a martyr at such an early age.

The world doesn’t know much about him but he left for us, an excellent example of a Good samaritan. The parable of the Good Samaritan states how one should believe and love God and also his/her neighbour. There’s a compassionate and hospitable person lying in everyone’s heart. All we really need to do is to let that person out, in moments like these, where your true nature is tested. Sure, Aitzaz lies in heaven now and he won’t come back again, but at least he left a message that we can ponder upon.

Let’s take out 2 minutes everyday to remember a boy who taught us how a normal human being can end up portraying exceptional heroism. Let’s take out a little time to remember Aitzaz- the unsung hero and pray for his soul to rest in peace.

Sudisha Misra

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