Hok Kolorob

Calcutta, as I prefer it to be, the city that weaved the abode of  such histories in the past, that has permanently altered the face of this city, histories were youth has been the integral part of the revolution. Can we ever forget the Naxal Movement? The answer has to be negative. The city waves at dynamics, the city treads and struts on slogans, placards, shouts oozing out passionately from the youth. A lady updated her Face book status stating that she was struck in traffic due to a protest march by the students on her way to office, and she mentioned that she is happy for being stuck in the traffic, ending the status by the hash tag that is now found in your right hand corner of your Face book profile, the ‘Trending’ tab, Hok Kolorob as #hokkolorob.

I won’t be giving a detailed account of what and why happened, but I can surely keep the passion and infinite zeal on the pedestal that has been exhibited by the students of Jadavpur University. They emerged out with their vehement protests due to legitimate reasons, shaking everyone to the core for which the first protest march was not comprised of the students of the mentioned University only. Each and everyone, sensitive and empathetic towards the issue, joined in, irrespective of age, gender and occupational strata. Over 8000 citizens of this city walked, shooting slogans with irrepressible voice, they kept on marching, they etched history, and still etching, still voicing.

It is an ardent request, to one and all, to be supportive towards the outrage that broke out. You don’t have to be a student or a resident of Calcutta to support it, all that you have to be is humane and a human.

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