Heart Break


Heart is a challenging thing to deal with. It is a store house of emotions. Love, bliss, pain, grief, exuberance and winsomeness are some of the daily emotions we come across to deal with. Today, with high work efficiency, we find situations where we need an emotional backing from someone, who can understand us emotionally in a superior way. In a social world like this, we often get attracted to people as we find them intriguing. Their provocative presence starts building a strong inclination towards them. This is often misinterpreted as love by a few. A difference between “fascination/ infatuation” and “love” is hard to be distinguished by today’s generation as we are fast people. We like everything fast and steady. We want to get control of the people we love or are attracted to. In most cases we manage to succeed in our yearnings. But even today, there are lovers who die for each other, who are in need of each other, who actually and fervently love each other.

Delightful moments spent with someone you have loved with all your might are collectible and inestimable. They are the moments one can never forget throughout his life, moments which are cherished in his heart for long. These give him all the jollity he wants. A sense of belonging develops in his soul. These moments are treasured safely and evolve a deep bond between the partners, a bond which develops with these moments and a bond which has vehemently impassioned the hearts of two. They cannot be separated from each other. A selfless bond develops when you come to love a person truly and passionately, when they become your world and there are only two separate bodies, but one soul. Their image, engraves upon your heart and all you do is wonder about them, care about them, feel them and love them.

You fall for them in an irrevocable manner. Interestingly, you have no control over it. You just want them, you don’t know why. Many a times, this love fails in front of the society and family. This love of yours fails in front of your cheated soul, your inner self. Pangs of grief, sorrow, and pain surround you as an aftereffect. You get bewildered, horrified by the thought of losing the person you have wanted for so long, for whom you have yearned for, whom you felt as yours. You get shattered and dismissed in a petrifying way. It feels like someone has thrown a rock upon you and you are under it, wanting your lover to help you get out of this aching. You can’t feel yourself without him, you feel so incomplete, left-upon, dejected, ignored, smashed upon and wrecked. It feels like choking. You want to cry hard, moan, groan, and howl upon yourself for loving someone this deeply. All you need is your lover and nobody else.

With such fractured feelings, it is very difficult to regain your senses. It is intricately arduous for you to lead a life in their absence. This life which seemed to be a fairy land just before a few days, feels like hell now. How can you think no one was there to soothe you before? No one is there whom you have loved to an exceedingly high level? That person is also the sole reason for your demolition. How can you prevent yourself from hating him? He abandoned you when you wanted him the most, in this excruciating pain.

You need to accept the hard reality after days of emotional outbursts. It is not easy, but you have to do that. In such circumstances, you need full control over your mind, body and heart. You need to be a master of the actions you do. You have to confront this with a poised attitude. It will be tough, it will be challenging. It may bring you to moments where you just can’t control yourself from falling apart. You have to have that vigor, that strength. You are not the only one who is facing this. Your partner faces it too if he has loved you. You need to reconcile your emotions, your sentiments, the broken pieces of your heart.

Hang out with more and more number of friends. Go out and do things which you have not done in a while, things which make you happier. Do things which lure you. Could be driving, painting, reading, cooking, and travelling! Anything! The most important is writing. Write your heart out. You will feel a connection with your own self once you write what is there in your mind. It is the best remedy to any wound. Writing will make you realize the person who is within you, whom you have failed to judge. It will make you rediscover your own being. It will show you, what exactly you have felt and what exactly you have undergone. How brave you are to live it all by yourself! It may also give you a way to curtail the hurricanes storming in your heart. Go out. Explore nature, its beauty. Talk to people. They will alleviate your pain. Make new friends, they will distract you from your aching. Watch TV. It serves as the best medicine under stress. You don’t have to think anything then. Just watch. Go out for a long holiday if you can. Meet new people. It will assuage you. In case of extremities, keep a pet and talk to him if you cannot write. Talk to a mirror. It is not insane. It will mitigate your feelings.

In short, do anything and everything you want. Live your life. You don’t have to keep thinking about what has happened. You’ve got plans. You’ve got challenges. You’ve got a life which you have to live. Live happily. At some corner of your heart bestow the feelings, the moments I have talked about. Cherish them and don’t cry upon them. They were the moments which have made you a person you are now. They have made you have an accord with yourself. Feel happy while you retrospect. Respect the person you had once fallen in love with. They were your choice, your need once. It will take time. But time is the biggest healer. You have a long life. Stay happy. Don’t feel like you are good for nothing. There is always someone who can love you more than you’d ever imagine. Life offers a second chance. You are a strong person with a broken heart. Just find the right person at the right time who can affix the broken pieces. Feel blessed and love yourself. Fall in the awe of your own beauty. You are unique and beautiful in your own. Feel positive and take time. It will become easy with months, years passing by. Eat well. And you will start feeling ecstatic.


Pallavi Prabhakar

Sweet, simple and mysterious is who i am ! I love the beautiful world I live in, and the beautiful me ! :)

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