The Annual Celebration of UNITY IN DIVERSITY- Trade Fair

Which is one occasion where we can see the wide culture of our country at once? Which event makes us to feel proud of being a citizen of this great country where people from different culture, ethnicity mingle with each other? 

In Delhi, the national capital, one of that events organised every year is “TRADE FAIR” and like always, it was tremendous. it is the place many industries display their advancements in the respective fields with intention of attracting consumers to themselves.

I and some of my friends visited this event which like every year was a huge hit. It starts from very metro station of Pragati Maidan, as most of the crowd travels by it. The ticket, if not bought earlier can be taken from the metro station itself but it could take some time. That is why we arranged them a day before.

The entry was quite secured and disciplined as there were separate lines for male, females, and for exhibitory. The whole concept was about amalgam of everything our states represent, it filled us with the motto of, “Unity in diversity”.

The whole fair was divided into several blocks representing each state with additional blocks for defense, technology and cosmetics.  The first one that we picked was of defense and it was the best of all. The aircraft that were on the display was amazing but the ships on the show were remarkable. One feel not only pride but joy too after watching how our country is progressing and we are being led by our true heroes.

Then there were several highlights of the day like the bamboo stalls which provided different decorative pieces. The cashmere woolens displayed at Jammu and Kashmir block were very beautiful. The striking part of it was the whole decoration of the hall. Even fountain was one of the highlight which was attracting most of the visitors to click their pictures.

It was not only interiors that fascinated everyone but the whole representation and minute detailing done on the exterior too. The halls were representing the different cultures like in Bihar block there was picture of Chanakya and inscriptions about Chanakya Nitirepresenting their rich history.

The Gujarat and Haryana ones were full of colours. There was not a single person who was empty handed. For women the main attraction was of the ornaments displayed in several halls. How can I resist that thing so even I bought bangles for my mom (she loved them).

After everything else, what we savour is great food and this happens to be the place for the foodies. There were more than 20 types of delicacies including Rajasthani Thali, Mumbai Chats, Punjabi Platters, Hyderabadi Biryani, and even Pakistani kebabs. And if you like western food then there was pizza hut and pasta too. Though the cafeteria was bit crowded but still the overall experience was great.

On the whole, it was a full on event, and everyone should see the heritage it represents us, at least once. 


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