The similarity of Novels and our lives

Novels have always been part of “the literature that is born from the heart and which conveys the life of a person with the utmost intricacy with showing the surroundings where that person lives plus moulding out the various characters in his daily life.”

   Nowadays publishers tend to concentrate on literature that is real life based and why not. After all people want to read the literature that is based upon their surroundings. People tend to think of themselves portraying the main characters of the novels on which somewhat their life resembles.

Like the hero/heroine of the plot fights evil and gets the love of their life. They too want such a perfect love story or the dream job or earn success, money, power and fame.

        In the earlier times courtesy Leo Tolstoy and Charles Dickens wrote literature that was based on the common man’s woes and which typically resembled the times of that time. Charles Dickens’s Hard Times, David Copperfield, Oliver Twist and A Tale of two cities were remarkable works. Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina and his masterpiece account of the world war times in War and Peace are just magnificent.

Keeping the novels based on the real life is one of the easiest ways to tell the story and making it feel absolutely fresh and surreal. It helps to keep the reader engaged and makes him feel as if they are the characters that the author has tried to portray in his text. The real life feeling while reading the novel is somewhat like having a real 3-D animation live movie running.  

In today’s times it’s one of the ways to reduce stress by reading novels and stories. Indian writers have developed much in the past few years by accumulating and shaping their stories and ideas into something that intricately balances up with the real life. Ravinder Singh‘s I too had a love story and novels by Amitav Ghosh and Vikram Seth; along with the highly publicised and loved works of Chetan Baghat are some of the most relevant works that one could describe. 


Novels and our lives are very similar; like in the plots we are the central characters of our lives and face problems whether in matters of love, life or career, but how we tend to fight with these problems and earn what is rightly ours is what our life plot is all about and novels tend to give you the same solutions that once in your life you might have applied or could apply on your lives too. 


And one thing that we cannot forget or neglect is that Novels are written by a human being who himself might have gone through the same situation and so having the novel look similar to real life is as such not absurd. Just hope that more novels tend to get into the market with great stories which tend to inspire people and make them want to live life to the best.


Varun Gopal

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