Get Set Go

Well it’s not like every night before you go to sleep there is this something really important that you bear in mind promising not to miss out when you wake the next morning. But this is how my story went. I woke up one fine morning rather reluctantly as the sunlight was falling straight on my face through window panes. It felt rather early so I checked my watch and there – it was only ten minutes past 7 am. “What already ten past 7? No, no, no…I’m late again! She would be waiting! I had promised last night and the night before and the night perhaps I can’t remember since when.” With this I rushed to the window and what a relief. There she was, the gorgeous one, glowing in the morning sunlight. I just could not get my eyes off. She was there, draped in blue from bonnet to bumper, waiting patiently for me like she did every morning ever since I first met her in the showroom.

And there she is now, nicely parked in my garage. Well who is she you ask? All right meet her, my new Volkswagen Taigun, one among the latest mini SUVs.

Yes and now speaking of the Volkswagen Taigun let me tell you all that you need to know about it, in panache. Designed in emulation of its larger SUV siblings, the Tiguan and Toureg, the Taigun has rugged side panels, front and rear bash plates, and roof rails along with a broad track of 1,473 mm, 17 inch alloys with 205/50 R17 tyres and high ground clearance.

To tingle the interest of the spendthrifts who seek style and comfort, the interiors of the Taigun are quite Spartan and practical yet very modern and stylish. For an instance, the side air conditioning vents have built-in knobs that set the blower speed and indicate the air temperature.The central infotainment system pairs up with a majority of smartphones, providing an intuitive interface. Along with this, it supports auxiliary instrument gauges that display oil pressure, coolant temperature and turbo boost pressure. Apart from the trendy design and stylish appearance it sports, the vehicle also gloats of being quite spacious offering 1036 mm head room in front and 980 mm at the back.

And particularly drawing the attention of those entertained by speed, here is the good news. “Taigun is a brand new engine derived from the company’s latest EA211 series of motors. Even with the a miniscule displacement of 1 litre having just three cylinders, the petrol motor can produce 110PS of power and a fairly decent torque output of 175Nm, all thanks to the clever use of direct-interjection and turbocharging. And this power is sent to the front wheels through a six-speed manual gearbox. The claimed zero to 100km/h stands at 9.8 seconds, while top speed is said to be 168 km/h.” As quoted from a report published in the TOI recently.


And yes, tickling those who may be a little concerned by the rising petrol prices, the VW claims that this engine can actually yield a fuel mileage figure in excess of 21 kmpl.


Well now if you look at the checklist set in your mind when you go to purchase yourself a suited car, I believe the Volkswagen Taigun has earned a tick in every aspect. Oh and in all this talk I totally forgot about my promise – yeah well if you have the car of your dreams, then all the car lovers out there are sure to understand that, there is nothing as pleasing as an early morning leisurely drive without the horns and rush of the traffic.


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