A weekend trip to Kasauli

“Great things never come from comfort zones”, and it is this saying that makes us more inclined towards exploring beyond our confined settings and adding to our knowledge. Travelling is one such way through which, we not only learn a lot about other places but it also helps us find where our heart lies! In today’s hectic schedule, travelling and exploring new places out of our busy schedule is like bliss. And for an average Delhiite, a long extended weekend is the perfect time when he/she can plan a trip to one of the smallest yet beautiful hill station of Kasauli.

Peace, Beauty, Good Food and Wine- Everything to keep you fine! Approximately, 6 hrs from Delhi and 2 hrs from Chandigarh, the hill station of Kasauli is all you might want to visit in your short weekend trip. You can enjoy the weather while sipping coffee in your hotel balcony or witness the hustle-bustle of Mall Road in the evening. With a perfect blend of tourist spots and hotels, the hill station promises to never send you back unhappy or unsatisfied. In a visit of 2-3 days itself, you can get complete Kasauli feels and yet wish to never get back home. If we talk about tourist spots, then there are enough of them which can be covered easily. These include Sunset point, Gilbert Trail, Baptist Church, Timber Trail, Manki point and the very important Mall Road.

Sunset Point, located near the upper mall, is one place that will somehow or the other end up being at the top of your visiting list. With proper arrangements for kids and adults, the place seems suitable for nature enthusiasts and photographers alike who wish to witness the mesmerizing sunset scene from the hills. The scene looks as if the sun is going down the horizon and is enchanting enough to keep you captivated. Now another site which is off the road is Gilbert Trail that suits well for young adventurers. Lined with beautiful trees and forests, the Gilbert Trail is a path along the hills that attracts all tourists likewise. The trail extends to a kilometer and half and is perfect for nature walks.

Apart from these two places, Kasauli has one another tourist place to visit i.e. the Manki Point. The place is located in the Indian Air force Territory and has to be entered without any gadgets (phone, camera) or eatables because the place has a huge number of monkeys to give you company. The Manki point is a religious site for Hindus with a Hanuman Temple on top. It is believed that Lord Hanuman’s left foot landed on this hill on his quest for Sanjeevani Booti. Therefore, the base of the temple as seen from below, looks like the shape of a foot, thus making the legend seem more truthful and believable. The temple is at a height of more than 6100 feet and will make you feel that you are among the clouds. The temple is reached after a steep climb of around 500 meters but it is worth a visit as the view is breath-taking. Another religious site is the Baptist church situated in the heart of the town. It is not far from the mall road and is big enough to be easily recognized. The church has beautiful architecture and serves as a perfect place for Instagrammers and influencers for getting clicked and adding pictures to their feed.

Now, as we all know any Indian hill station is nothing without a Mall Road and Kasauli has one too. From clothes to food, the whole mall road is a beautiful site to witness especially at night. Where on one hand cold winds touch your skin, on the other hand, the warmth and great smell of street food will make you believe that you are made up for the hills. Hot steamed Momos and cold Kulfi are enough to give your taste buds the final touches it requires. Also, it is an apt place for winter shopping and freshly brewed wines to be taken back home from the trip and adding them to your memories. Apart from these places, a very charming eatery by the name of “Ros Common” is situated in the hill station of Kasauli. The restaurant runs in a colonial bungalow in the backdrop of beautiful natural scenery. An old-world atmosphere clubbed with charming natural surroundings forms a perfect setting for delicious food along with clicking pictures.  The night serves as the most beautiful scenes in Kasauli where one can see the sky filled with twinkling stars adding up to their peace of heart. You can continue looking up in the sky for the whole night and remain unexhausted.

Further, the city of Parwanoo falls en-route while coming back from Kasauli to Delhi or Chandigarh. And Parwanoo is famous for its Timber Trail and the rope-way rides. It is one place that will add up to your Kasauli memories and can prove to be adventurous. The view from the height is breath-taking and promises to give an incredible experience to every tourist.

Therefore, plan your next weekend trip to Kasauli and it can prove to be that cool getaway which serves you with beauty for eyes and peace to your mind, a much-needed elixir for life!


A masters student interested in journalism as a career. I am a theatre artist as well and i love travelling, visiting new places, meeting new people and working with them.