Bargaining With srangers

“Bargaining With Strangers” , looks like a suitable title for a newspaper column, but what are the three above words doing in my head? They must mean something related to me after all these are my thought creations. So keeping aside my exhaustively desperate state to rightfully create something which I can be proud of and cherish as my worthy achievements, I have actually begun to think that somehow my mind has given me some clue as to where I should go next? It is a shiny, over ambitious and beautiful target though, I am perplexed as to what other motivation or driving
force is required to fuel me with energy enough to execute the long list of ideas I am sitting on top of.

Very profoundly this all points in one direction and when I look over I am amazed to see the labyrinth through which I must pass to get to the sacred flower of my sanctuary. 

One can dare to wander off only as long as one can dare to find their way back, and the ones that are not bothered of their way back will surely find a way out to their dream, to their zenith, to their own fantasies.Strange things that constantly remind me the mediocrities of my behavior and throw me back in my own dark room of prejudices and boundaries. Sometimes you are cast away like a stranger from your own thoughts,as if your own thoughts despise of you. Maybe it is your will actually but this cutting out this stranger branch from your tree leads to your strangeness. Before it is too late, before you step far from the point of understanding yourself, these strangers living inside us must be met and understood. They are your reflections on many tinted glasses. If there is a need and a situation a person must bargain with the strangers living inside us, before they strip us off our personality traits one by one. It’s the chance to make all the voices coherent and listen to the music they create.
Time for composition must never be traded with thought and destruction. Time is a limited commodity. Bargaining because we need something from them and vice-versa.Strangers we are, because we have not yet learnt to recognize ourselves with ourselves! We wander around in our own futile actions neglecting what lies before us with open arms and instead of magnifying and beautfying our little gifts inside us we run behind coveted treasures of others, which were never to call our own.Today I plan to release one such stranger out of the wilderness of my mind’s labyrinth. I call it The Dark Side. Presently it occupies a major part of me, for I maybe currently exploring it and living in its company. I say that I live in its company because I have learnt to recognize it as a part of me, so instead of running away and hiding from it, I have decided to confront and extract any elixir it has to offer.

The dark side or so we choose to call it generally is just a mask for me. I think it is just a side , it may be dark for some and something else for others. It is like antimatter, if not found, it is nothing to be thought of, but once discovered there is always a desire to combine with it and get annihilated. There we are sitting with our eyes shut floating in the vacuum , breathing in and out no gases but only ideas and thoughts, and marveling astonishingly at the tremendous powers of this dark side. This annihilation generates powers beyond our comprehension, it leads us astray on to the right path and lowers the light enough to make it visible.

This side has no limits, it is in essence ,literally and figuratively a complete stranger, you could call this side by different names but I will remain unnamed whatsoever, it will never unfold enough of its secrets to let you know itself. The dark side will ever be dark not because it has shades of evil on its edges but because it hides in shadows to prevent us from understanding it completely. The dark side understands our incapability to deal with such mysteries as of now, so it subsides in the dark.

Mayank Mishra

Passionate about writing, encaptivated by the magic of words. Writes poetry , short stories, articles etc. Very friendly in nature.

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