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Start ups are no more the backbenchers of today’s market. They give neck to neck competition to the outstanding already existing companies and businesses and some even beat them by a large margin and occupy the desired market position. They are booming by every passing night and the young minds haven’t tied a leash to their thoughts. Ideas are like Edison’s bulbs, they light up and surprise and create a wave of trend of their business making it viral.

Most of the IIM and IIT alumni have come up with the most promising start ups in the various cities across India. There are so many of them, like mushrooms growing all around! But in this webera, there is this one major company that has changed the whole concept of online shopping. It is one of my regular shopping sites and it is bookmarked on my safari tab. And all of you reading this by now would have realized I am talking about Flipkart!

Flipkart was started off by two IIT-Delhi graduates back in 2007, right now the country’s best-known online retail brand. Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal built up this huge brand with just Rs 4 lakhs in a small flat situated in Bangalore. Now, just to clear you guessing minds, they aren’t related to each other. They were working in Amazon India for a couple of months before they set off on this launching. Sachin, who leads the Bangalore-based venture as its CEO, has come to an expectation of sales to reach up to $1 billion, or over Rs 6,200 crore, by 2015.

The whole idea of cash-on-delivery was originally initiated by Flipkart which has been well adopted by the other ecommerce companies all across the country and accounts for huge transactions every day. Their success has not just been due to their online retail concept but also from the new technologies and services that they have been focusing on at the back end.  It has established a spectacular arm of logistics that ensures fast and punctual deliveries to the customers. I personally love Flipkart for this reason. Personal experience counts for me being such an ardent fan of this site. I ordered for two books one night and the nest morning they are waiting with the delivery at my door. The whole world moving it such a fast pace, Flipkart doesn’t fail to match the contending racers.

Also, if you notice, you will see those cute and adorable 7 to 8 year old kids acting in the Flipkart commercials and winning millions of hearts of the viewers. They have a pretty unique and distinguished way of portraying themselves in the market and appeal to the customers.


Well cutting to the chase, Flipkart was once upon a time a startup and now look at the place where it stands today. It’s one of the biggest ventures in India and it has dominated the market well enough to let the other competing retail chains rise to the set benchmark. So all of you budding entrepreneurs who plan to someday launch some startup, you might become the next big thing.

Rukmini Sengupta

blogger, writer, active on twitter, undergrad student doing engineering.

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