Become a lucid dreamer and experience its benefits

As we lay down to sleep, we venture into this new world of dreams. It’s a journey to finding neverland. It may be a dream built from our subconscious or a dream built from a vivid memory. Sometimes we get so lost in our dreams that we fail to distinguish between the dream and the reality. Have you ever had the feeling when you wake up suddenly to the sound of your mum washing utensils in the kitchen and you realize all of it that you were thinking a few seconds ago was unreal? You wake up feeling delusional. You need time to get yourself back to reality. So what could be the solution to these estranged, weary dreams that we get. Wouldn’t it feel nice to remember the dreams for a change when you wake up? Wouldn’t you rejoice over certain control that you can now exercise!

Well the answer lies in lucid dreaming. The main advantage of lucid dreaming is the person is fully aware of the fact that he/she is dreaming.  A lucid dreamer may be the one who can maintain control over a dream wherein he/she can manipulate the occurrence, environment and intricacies of the dream arising from his/her conscientiousness or the one who is just aware of the dream but can’t harness control. Lucid dreaming comes to many people on its own but one can easily master the skills in order to develop control and utilize its benefits.

It is a phase of partial sleep rather than being zoned out from the real world. This drifts them back and forth from reality to this dream world without causing any lapse or paralysis in their thought process. It has been found that this helps in having a restful sleep. Many of us think that watching our favorite show on TV is relaxing but we fail to realize that we are just exposing ourselves to more and more simulation. However, true relaxation occurs when the mind is completely void of such simulations and is conscious. Lucid dreaming solely encompasses this concept.

Lucid dreaming can be fun too. Just like in the movie Inception wherein you can build your own world, interact with people, probably even achieve unrealistic missions. Say you see yourself working as a spy for the department of defense in the U.S.A just because that is your weirdest fantasy. And with lucid dreaming you could do just that in complete sensibility. You can fulfill your longing desires so you can stop obsessing over them in real life and give yourself some peace of mind. Besides having a little fun it can help a dreamer to improve his/her memory. Awareness in a dream helps one strengthen the subconscious that brings back all the occurrences of the day and simultaneously its retention. Also our subconscious plays a very important role in collecting facts that we usually overlook. Just one right question to your subconscious in the dream and you will be the benefiter. Like for example I was working on my resume and in my dream that night I did think of it. That was a mere product of my subconscious. But since it was a lucid dream, it helped me back by giving me an input for improvising on my resume design. Believe it or not, it does work.

 We adopt some form of technology in the advent of any crisis. Most people who suffer from a mental trauma are exposed to severe treatment in order to recover them from their hallucinations or nightmares. These are nothing but dreams that they believe in. They believe in them to be true. Something that will avenge and mar their existence in the real world. It is necessary for such patients to realize that the things seen or felt in a dream stay in the dream and can never be inflicted upon explicitly in the real world. Lucid dreaming hence has been viewed as a treatment initiative which as a concept is as lucid as the dream is. This technique is gaining momentum in different parts of the world as it is an amicable solution that can eloquently void the person of helplessness in a dream state. It is the best known solution for false awakening and sleep paralysis.

Wouldn’t you love to be a lucid dreamer? And especially after knowing the fact that it wouldn’t be just fun but it would come with its added benefits. Now it’s up to you to choose between being cognizant or not in your very own dream world.

Damini Naidu

technology enthusiast, trained bharatnatyam dancer, past-time philosophical writer, movie buff

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