Indian Women-The power!

Indian Society! What a great topic to be discussed. Many words will beautifully contribute to think over this content. But emphasizing towards its darkest side I think Indian Society is divided into caste, class, rich and poor, Male and Female and other diversities.

Among these all diversities there is the most important part is Women and the Men. Indian society is said to be male dominated society! It means that History and civics has been proving us from many years that men have prolong super powers over women? Women are considered as the prevalent part of society who must indulge herself in feminine activities such as cooking, fulfilling the needs of her family, should accomplished all the responsibilities with her fresh, warm welcoming nature .Though these activities does not certify to be woman these days.. Now most of the people think what is meant by a “woman”? Is she is the only program fitted in a certain Machine to do monotonous work 24*7? Being a woman She have no rights to express her feelings and her views towards this world? She can’t contribute herself to this country? Also prohibited from education as well as doing outdoor jobs. But think Is this a right path to behave? Probably 80%people does not think about this. And those who think they don’t care about this .Such feelings literally gives sadness because India got Independence in 1947 and we are in 2014 But Still woman in this country is in prison?
But as time flies some sort of view of this predominant society is getting change. Now a days it is seen that women are more faster and intelligent than a man. Every year day by day the importance of women is increased ;She is getting better respect as compared to past years.
We can see that every year at 10th grade or graduation exams and other competitive exams women are showing flying colors.Maximum no.of girls are present than boys.Government is also giving contribution as well as reservation , and government scheme are provided pretending they are the finally basic support of society.

Ok,we are done with respect at some extent,some reservations and schemes.But inspite of these all,we can see the injustice done with the women everyday,at every place.They are brutally raped in an open square.Murder or suicide of a girl or woman is always seems to be read daily in newspaper.They are the center of Acid Attacks, Dowry.and the list goes on.

As per my thinking the woman should given her real status.People should be aware of that”Pillars of building are hallow then whole building is like a handful of sand”. Proper education should given to her.
As her education relates to the other people of society,her children and the respectful persons.A family is dependent of woman.she is called as the Big-Boss for these reasons!There were many persons in the history such as Lokmanya Tilak,Mahtma Gandhi who gave importance to the woman education and equality.Several leaders such as Sarojini Naidu,Indira Gandhi,Kalpana Chawla showed us that the human being get progress anywhere by only intelligence ,not by Male and Women pathetic category.

So the woman should be educated and given a high status in society.After all the basic fact is that Indians ought to remember is that a child is born in mother’s womb.And mother is a “Female”.We should not forget that our existence in this world is only due to Female.

So everyone who is the part of our society should take this issue seriously .We should give every woman right respect and her equal Rights.Justice in atmosphere and in the society should be there so that she can live with dignity and respect !

Aditi Mokasdar

Future Writer hopefully!

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