Mystic over Matter

The vacant easy chair

On which the body reclines

The swinging movement

Which then and now reminds

The realisation of that instant

A flickering glimpse of that moment

Of life which is being lived.


How obscure the human mind

A thinker, a creator, one entity

Running its own world

Fantasy in a material fold

A manoeuvring principle

A disturbing delight

The opaque obstructer of the spiritual flow

The fastest performer of an action called thought

The human mind is what is to be conquered and wrought


A lifetime of servitude to this immaterial being

Impairs and disarms the divine gaining

Over centuries of the quest for human delight

Praises were wasted on the mind’s might

Science goes only as far as sight

When opens up the inner eye

Comes the factor of intuitive might

So that the real hidden secrets of mankind

Start to materialise in transcendental sounds

Something heard before and never acknowledged for

As the mind ceases to hold

The perception of the divine fold

Dawns on the intuitive eye

Where ends the power of mind

Begins the power of the divine

A quest of this ecstatic flight

On the wings of the soulful light

Blood surges in the veins

Tears well up in rains

There is only one ethereal sound

There is no above or below

Except for what lies beyond

That jingling of bells

That peace of a deafening silent song.

rachana allamraju

a sailing ship in search of a shore to anchor.

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