An Insta Article

Everyone reading this article clearly knows what the title means. For those who don’t, this article is inspired from the latest trending of hashtags on one of the most popular and viral social networking platforms; Instagram. Have you ever thought what may be the sole reason behind designing Instagram? We can share pictures on Facebook, MySpace, Google+ and many such other social networks. So what makes Instagram different? What makes it that appealing to the public? Why is it so that everyone who owns a smartphone must have an Instagram login?

The reason is simple. We are living in a world spiked by digital revolution. Anything and everything is digitalized. And with the advent of the Internet, anything and everything is out there in the open for people to see. As we, the people, are falling prey to the condescending hold technology has created on us as we have become more and more mechanical. As far as I remember, photos were clicked for capturing moments, reviving memories. But today, the intent behind clicking every photo is to post it on Instagram and its likely siblings, merely for “likes”. Instagram is a great platform to share instant pictures with family and friends, or perhaps hone your photography skills. However, how many of us actually click the picture of a royal looking butterfly and post it rather than clicking a selfie. Coming to think of selfies, a recent study identified people who take too many selfies to be suffering from a psychosocial disorder. I do not recollect any of our parents or grandparents feeling the need to take a selfie. One picture for one moment would suffice. Then why is it that we feel the need to look good at all times in a picture and why do we plead our friends to delete that one impromptu picture that was clicked that makes you look not so posy?

As humans we all like attention. Attention from our loved ones, our close friends and moreover attention in the form of jealousy in the eyes of the onlooker. Who doesn’t like a pinch of sadistic pleasure. But in the bargain, we are losing the essence of reality. We are so blinded by the worldly beauty, that we have forgotten what lies within. We edit pictures, put several hashtags for more people to see, we amplify beauty. We don’t need an app or the likes and comments to define who we are. We don’t need people to judge us on the basis of how we look or what we wear. The more we maintain a count of these likes, the more we become conscious while posing for a picture, the more we are letting technology take over our mind. The instapic should thus be forgotten in an instant and should not be allowed to linger on to your unreal façade.

Damini Naidu

technology enthusiast, trained bharatnatyam dancer, past-time philosophical writer, movie buff

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