Motorola, Motorola everywhere!

After the astonishing success of Moto G, the Google owned company is in no mood to let its competitors catch a breath. If Moto G wasn’t their worst nightmare, Sony, Samsung and LG should beware, Moto X is here and it’s here to stay!

The finest in its class, Moto X is, without doubt, the best android 24 grand can buy. Moto X is a beauty with brains. It has a sturdy but sleek design packed with the best features in market.

Moto X has a 4.7 inch HD AMOLED display and not just HD but an Active Display with an accelerometer (a sort of motion sensor). Can’t afford an Iphone or a Nexus 5? Don’t worry, the Moto X comes with an epoch-making language processor which enables “Touchless Controls”. I said epoch-making because unlike your previous experience with voice command, this feature will not disappoint you. It remains active and listening even when the screen is off!


Its 10 mega pixel quick capture camera teamed with autofocus is a huge improvement from Moto G’s mediocre quality 5 MP. It supports full HD video recording. The music player is decent and the connectivity options are abundant.

Who needs Octa Core when you have a phone powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon accompanied by 1.75 GHz CPU and 2GB RAM?! Two cores are more than enough for smooth gaming and browsing. While most phones in India are still running on Jellybean, Moto X is preloaded with the latest Kitkat which is better synched and easier to operate than its predecessor.

It comes in 16GB/32GB memory options and you have up to 25 backplate colours to choose from. Impressive to look at, full of necessary features and comfortable to handle, Moto X puts big names and bigger price tags to shame! Moto X is destined to become a huge hit in the Indian market.

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