Bring out the Good Samaritan in YOU

The greatest philanthropist of the time, Bill Gates, always lays emphasis on the individual soul existing on earth. He believes that all lives have equal value no matter where they are being lived. If each and every one of us starts believing in this very ideology, the whole idea of realizing heaven on earth can turn out to be true.

There is a hidden Samaritan in every person but the need today is to bring that Good Samaritan out. Every human being that exists on earth can work a little bit to bring out the Good Samaritan from within. The only thing which is required is the awareness and willpower to make everything right.

Most of us think from where to start; but instead we must try to focus on, are we ready to start it? Once we have decided upon being a philanthropist, the next step should to be to identify your potential or field where you can help the most. You need not try to be Bill Gates in order to prove that you too are a Good Samaritan. Start from a small scale and gradually increase.

Suppose you are a middle class family person with boring weekends then why not start by spending some time in the orphanage and teaching the children? Take up some classes for them. Or if you are retired and aged, then it’s the best way of utilizing all your experiences to teach and make those children learn the values of life.

If you belong to a rich family then start with joining an NGO nearby and give some time as well as part of your savings to help that organization. Not only this, if you are a business man then you can utilize your skills in envisioning Bill Gates’ vision for “catalytic philanthropy” — creating markets, using capitalistic approaches to help the needy in long-term, systemic ways.

Along with these actions even in day to day lifestyles, we encounter many situations where our helping hand not only changes a person’s life but also helps us take a step ahead towards a heavenly place. A person meeting with road accident can be given an immediate cure by the people who witness the accident. Usually the medical help takes some time to reach the person, but the other people can make a difference between his life and death by helping.

The examples are many and there is no point in quoting them here until and unless we realize the need of philanthropy among ourselves. But, they are definitely sufficient enough to make its readers realize the worth of bringing out the Samaritan in us.

So, why not take a step today and make the world a better place to live in?

Lend a helping hand, let the change begin with you…

Aastikta Sharma

The Closer you Look, The Less you See !!

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