You might have heard about it somewhere. Or maybe you haven’t heard about it at all. You might have been diagnosed with it or totally unaware, you might just be suffering from it.
PCOS – Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is the most common female disorder these days. Almost 3 out of 5, girls/women are suffering from it and they are not even aware of it. Since, I’m a patient of this disorder and have been suffering from it for a long time, I’d love it if a few lives are saved because of my research and cure methods.
The first step is to identify whether we have PCOS or not. Here are the main symptoms-
* Irregularity in menstruation
* Weight gain (even if you’re not a foodie)
* Constant back-pain and thigh-pain
* Less hunger and sleeplessness (mild symptoms)
* Facial hair
Most of the girls notice the symptoms and they consult a gynaecologist. That is where they go wrong. A gynaecologist will always give you hormonal medicines and that will worsen your situation. You do not need to consult a doctor at all actually. It is because of our sedentary lifestyle and unbalanced diet, that we undergo this disorder. And we can always bring normalcy into our erratic routine and eating patterns. I shall tell you what to do and how.
First, get an ultrasound done. If there is a size difference in your ovaries, you are definitely suffering from PCOS. You need to take a deep breath and tell yourself, ‘This is going to be hard’. And then you need to smile and tell yourself, ‘But I will make it’. ┬áBecause if you don’t, you will definitely suffer from ‘infertility’. And now getting down to more realistic stuff, please follow what you’re going to read below.
* Drink a lot of water. 7-8 glasses are enough and necessary.
* Wake up with a beautiful smile please. Then, get out of your bed without thinking at all. Put 1 glass of water on the

stove to heat and brush your teeth by that time. Come back and add a spoon of honey and a little bit of lime. Drink it. Now grab your shoes and go for running or a walk.
* Once you are done with at least half an hour of running or 1 hour of walking, make yourself a good breakfast. Either opt for milk and cornflakes or for milk and a spinach omelette. Either way, milk is essential. I prefer the egg because it has a lot of protein. Eat an apple too.
* Go to school/college/work and use better alternatives. Don’t use the escalators or lifts, use the stairs. Walk instead of taking public transport wherever possible. If you think, walking takes time, then leave your house early.
* Lunch is absolutely necessary. Eat lentils and chappati and green leafy vegetables. Along with that, eat fat-free yoghurt.
* Take two cups of green tea every single day. Green tea will make your skin better, your mind lighter and will help you immensely in controlling the weight gain also.
* Skip the dinner. Just eat fruits and drink a glass of milk. Don’t eat dinner. Let your body consume the stored fats.
You need to stop consuming these things – white salt, white sugar, white rice, sweets, mangoes, bananas, junk food (anything from outside), white bread, oil and potatoes. I know it can be hard, very hard actually. But you just have to do it for the sake of your health. Else, the consequences can be seriously bad.
Do Yoga everyday. You have to accommodate that into your schedule. Try the butterfly pose, the reclining butterfly pose, the sun salutation and the plank pose. Do a lot of stretching exercises. Listen to music (Coldplay, Pink Floyd and Pearl Jam). And stay happy please!
If you don’t be happy, even if you do the above mentioned things, you will not attain cure faster. So have faith and everything will just be fine.

Sudisha Misra

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