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Oh my dog (don’t mind I often use the phrase) next week is her birthday and I haven’t decided yet what am I going to present her. No time to go out and shop for her; besides every tiny little thing is so damn expensive. You see I am bit stingy (look at my sir name) NO not exactly but yea lets interchange it with frugal and also, don’t want to face the scorching sun as I put in hindi delhi k sar pe kundli maar k baitha hai suraj(?) I don’t know when monsoon will arrive or if it has arrived then it might rain any moment.

Let’s find something online I thought, though I have never appreciated the idea of online shopping but I thought to give it a try as I am pretty busy for outdoor shopping. I have watched several commercials of Myntra, Snap deal, Yebhi etc so I thought why not start with them. “Oh good, I have many options clothing, footwear, accessories and books as well. Not only for gifting purpose, I can use them for myself as well. There are so many books for which usually I have to march into chandani chowk. Great relief, I must admit Sahi hai kaafi sasta hai (good they are affordable). So many dresses and that too every size is available. Deluge of options!! I cannot find so many things under one roof but here I have infinite options”.

The best part about these shopper sites that they have BRANDS, I am crazy about them, and toppings of cherry like discounts. At this time of the year it is impossible to find buy one get one or 50% off on the door of popular but here, I can buy almost everything at least 20% minus the selling price. That experience had coincidently turned fortuitous for me. Those pre conceived notion that I had earlier has changed now. It is any day more comfortable and feasible option. And most importantly one can even return and get their money back, which is not all going to happen when you bought something from show rooms, maximum an exchange offer would be there but they will never give back your cash.


Online shopping in short is a very great experience. Here we can not only buy but sell things as well; car, bikes, books and so many other things. Recently my closest friend bought a second hand Samsung S1V and it looks like brand new only all and the best thing he paid only fourteen thousand for it. Isn’t that awesome! If you are creative, you can even sell handmade things as well, which will not only provide easy money but also help in providing exposure to the products and the market at a large scale. No wonder your products may even be sold abroad one day. Some parents are also recruiting tutors as well and that too at a negotiable fee.

Coming back to my shopping I finally selected a cute Puma handbag for her and she was so delighted. I said to her “you know how much pain I have taken to buy something appropriate for you” and meanwhile I was fabricating my nuisances I felt like winking myself!!


Deeti Gupta

No I am not reticent it just I am little out of time anyways I feel it's very difficult to for me to describe myself. Initially you can find me diffident and laconic but gradually you will realize that more or less I am like that only (lol).

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