Who-So-Ever Said You Need To Have a Goal?

Life is totally unpredictable! You simply cannot decide upon one thing and expect it to happen perfectly! You always need to have a back-up plan. Take careers for example. When I was 8 yrs old, I wanted to be a doctor. In std. X, I however realized that I wasn’t ready to commit to so many long and tedious hours of study. Yet, like every obedient child who scored distinction in high school, I too but naturally opted for science.

Std. XI & XII in Science were the two most precious years in my life, for they¬† helped me develop a non-textbook oriented studying structure. That, however didn’t last for long. As after securing a first class in std. XII, and clearing the GCET (i.e. being eligible for Engineering) I decided to switch over to ARTS!

Yes, I did my B.A. in Journalism. Three¬† wonderful and memorable years, where I learnt that writing is something that comes naturally to me. I simply love playing with words. Three years in college (St. Xavier’s, Goa of course) I took part in all the possible extra curriculum activities and that is what made me get into my current field. I am now pursuing Event Management in Mumbai (the course is actually a Post graduate Diploma in Media, Advertising & Event Management; so let’s stick to PGDMAE)

I have interned for one month in the PR dept. with a leading sports company, and am now looking forward to what is in store for me; absolutely unsure whether I am going to continue with journalism or Event Management, or simply jump my field again! My point beating around the bush, is simply to put forth my argument “WHO-SO-EVER SAID YOU NEED TO HAVE A GOAL?” What you really need to have is a PASSION!

There will be millions of people out there who decide to become Engineers, Doctors, Teachers, Architects, Writers, but how many people out there really love what they are doing? How many people out there are satisfied with their chosen careers?

I have friends who did English Honors and are now working as freelance reporters for leading magazines, one doctor friend (practicing) simultaneously pursuing Bharatnatyam, another doctor friend in the field of Direction (short films), a commerce graduate now a well known photographer, a lawyer who is now into construction business, and the list is endless!

A goal has to be defined as a future that will keep you happy, NOT about what you/your parents decided or what the society thinks! A goal has to be passion driven, only then will you succeed. Because ultimately, it’s the passion that keeps your mind working and your career floating. Be it photography, dancing, building structures, combining chemicals or even bike riding!

Life is too small to worry. Stay happy, follow your dreams and live life to the fullest! Cheers!

meenal bale

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