Coolest Gadgets of 2013 and 2014!!

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” – Arthur C. Clarke


Being as technologically handicapped as me, one wonders how hard could life get?

Just the other day, I had to use Google Hangout for the first time and that ended like “HELLO HELLO HELLO!” for the initial couple of minutes.

It left me wishing ‘Why can’t we just have a phone hangout. This stuff is difficult! ‘


But I managed. I survived. WOOHOO! *pat on the back!


You wouldn’t find me on a lazy Sunday afternoon, relaxing on an aramkedara , leafing through the latest issue of ‘ ‘. No. No. I’m blissfully content in my happy-bubble. No new gadgets for me. Definitely not in 2014.



Speaking of gadgets and 2014, ever wondered what the coolest wackiest gadgets of 2013 were? Or the wackiest one to-be-released in 2014?


1.       Occulus Rift- Crystal Cove

Occulus rift is a virtual reality headset that allows players to step inside their favourite games and virtual worlds. The Rift uses custom tracking technology to provide ultra-low latency 360° head tracking, which means every subtle movement of one’s head is tracked in real time to create a natural and intuitive experience. It creates a stereoscopic 3D view with excellent depth and parallax, and also provides an approximately 110° field of view, stretching the virtual world beyond our peripheral vision. The Occulus Rift is designed to be as comfortable and lightweight as possible for long play sessions. It is one of those prototypes which keep getting better and better. In the end of 2013, Occulus showed off their new prototype- The Crystal Cove. This new hardware takes care of nearly all the glitches in the original. It is now armed with a camera that tracks the movement of one’s head in space. The experience couldn’t get any more immersive.


2.       Apple iPad Air- the power of lightness

The Apple iPad Air is just 7.5 millimeters thin and weighs less than a kilo. The stunning Retina display sits inside thinner bezels, so one can see all the content. It provides a ton of advanced technology. The new A7 chip in iPad Air delivers killer performance-upto 2 times faster CPU, without sacrificing battery life. The iPad Air keeps you connected faster in more locations than ever. Using two antennas and MIMO technology, it delivers up to twice the Wi-Fi performance of its predecessor. iPad Air comes with amazing built-in apps for the everyday work one does, like surfing the web and checking email. Now, more creative and productive apps are available like iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand, Pages, Numbers and Keynote- all this for FREE. As a bonus it also comes with a Smart Cover and a Smart Case.


3.       Xbox One and PS4

The Xbox One is Next-Gen to the core. Blu-ray playing, Built-in recording, games that one can play anywhere and a graphic performance that’s comparable to PS4 will leave the vast majority of gamers very pleased. The PS4 is an amazing console for the dinero. It boasts of the best graphics of any Next-Gen console on the market. Share gameplay and Playstation Plus are two awesome features to look forward to.


4.       Google glass

Google glass is a wearable computer with an optical head-mounted display that is developed by Google with a mission of producing a mass-market ubiquitous computer. While the frames do not currently have lenses fitted to them, Google is considering partnerships with sunglass retailers such as Ray-ban or Warby Parker.

Surprisingly it is very simple. To take a picture, say “take a picture”. Record what you see and even share it online. Get directions right in front of you. Speak to send a message. Ask whatever is on your mind. Translate your voice. Sounds out of the world, eh?


 5.       Transparent SmartPhone

It is confirmed. Transparent Smart phones are on their way! (And it might happen in 2014 itself) The Taiwan-based ‘Polytron Technologies’ are putting finishing touches to its prototype glass phones for at least two smartphone manufactures. Rumour has it, Apple might be one of them. Other contenders (rumoured) include Samsung, LG and Fugitsu. Sam Yu, General Manager at Polytron, has confirmed that we will be seeing transparent glass smartphones before this year becomes history.



That’s all folks for the gadget-fanatics. As for me, I…I’ll stay away..!

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