The Delight of Nonsense

Mosquitoes multiply at alarmingly rapid rates. One female mosquito can lay anywhere between 100 to 350 eggs at one time; in her life span of 2 – 3 weeks, she can lay between 1000 to 3000 eggs. More terrific than this is the growth rate of blogs and e-zines on the internet these days. One self-proclaimed ‘entrepreneur’ can start anywhere between 3 – 5 blogs/e-zines/expression platforms in not more than 3 months. Supporting these ephemeral (sometimes nonexistent) ventures, one self-proclaimed ‘writer’, of around 18 – 24 years of age, pursuing or just out of engineering/its equivalent degree, can write up to 5 – 10 blog posts a month; and if the ‘writer’ is tad intellectually compromised, he can even manage a couple of posts beyond 10.

Never before in the chapters of human history was nonsense manufactured at this massive a scale. Two, the first prime of numbers, the number of eyes a human has, is rendered insufficient by this spectacular burgeoning of bullshit on the World Wide Web. The breathtaking size and the choking stench of the content overwhelming our senses and consequently pushing them into a zone of inadequacy, is a testament to the power, magnificence and the absolute delight of nonsense.

Like many ‘writers’ and ‘entrepreneurs’ of today’s world, I too cherish and celebrate with great pomp, the victory of nonsense over… almost everything else. However, it would be an act of utter dishonesty from my side if I don’t confess to the reader that amidst all my genuine joy for the triumph of nonsense, I suffer from frequent pangs of disappointment and stings of dissatisfaction from this otherwise benevolent world.

My unhappiness stems from the fact that I am a believer in conscious effort and hard work, and that I don’t have a high opinion or amour for chance and luck. What brings me great discomfort in the current scenario of the blogs around me is that these ‘writers’ are producing marvelous nonsense not by their hard work and relentless effort, but by sheer luck. This is the deplorable situation plaguing the present world.

Yes, they are producing delightful nonsense, I agree! However, they are not arriving at it by their own strength and spiritedness. They are aiming to write something entirely different from nonsense, something serious, something strong and meaningful, something that decimates social evils, and something that would raise the humans to stars; and then, even after such appalling and blatant betrayal, they are reaching at such awesome nonsense. This is what infuriates me.

I sincerely hope and pray to God that if these people chose to abandon Nonsense without an ounce of regret, their hostility should be returned in equal intensity and animosity. However, Nonsense, like God, is all about forgiving and continues taking their side; thus leaving me dissatisfied and with an appetite for revenge.

All those ‘writers’ out there, pay heed to my words, luck wouldn’t last for long. Today you might be able to produce all your glittering nonsense, but your mettle shall soon lose its lustre. For now I may be a beaten contestant, but I shall incessantly try. I would title my next article “Utter Nonsense” and shall establish to you all that conscious effort beats luck and that I can write better nonsense than you all can.

Yours furiously
Lakshmikanth Koundinya

Lakshmikanth Koundinya

Of Poe's heart, Russell's brain, Wilde's thought and Rand's strength

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